Top Cash Back Credit Cards


Credit card companies are working harder than ever to get your business by offering rewards. All of the credit cards below offer rewards such as travel, merchandise, balance transfer and cash back. This list has credit cards that offer cash back upon approval.

What are the best ways to maximize your savings?

  • Do you usually pay cash at the grocery store?  Start using your cash-back credit card.
  • The average Canadian has 3 credit cards in their wallet. Only use the one that gives you the cash back.
  • Place payments that come directly from your bank account on your credit card. It adds up quickly.

And our BEST TIP of all, always pay the balance at the end of the month. There is no point in getting 2.5% back if you end up having to pay over 10 percent in interest on the unpaid balance that results.

Here are the Great Canadian Rebates Top 10 Cash Back Credit Cards (in no particular order)

* Please be sure to visit the Credit Card Application page for full details/limitations on each card listed.

* Carefully follow directions on Great Canadian Rebates links to ensure you receive your GCR cash back rebate.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Earn Sony Points on qualifying net retail purchases made using your Sony Card MasterCard.
  • Get 2,000 Sony Points after your first qualifying transaction
  • Earn Double Sony Points with every qualifying net retail purchase of Sony products at or the Sony store/ Maison Sony
  • Redeem Sony Points toward any Sony product at
  • Browse through the complete catalogue including PlayStation Games, VAIO Wireless Notebooks, BRAVIA LCD Televisions, MP3 Walkman Digital Music Players, movies, software, media and so much more!
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

  • A full 2% cash back on all eligible gas, groceries, recurring payments and drug store purchases
  • A full 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty protection on most purchases

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $65.00

  • Earn 25,000 Welcome Points (enough for a round-trip flight to almost anywhere in North America) if you reach $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of Card membership. You can also earn a Thank You Bonus of up to 40,000 Bonus Points each year
  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards® point for virtually every $1 in purchases charged to your Card
  • Use your points to save money by investing back into your business. Redeem Membership Rewards points toward your American Express Card balance with Points for Credit to pay for your everyday purchases.
  • Transfer your points with no fee to many frequent flyer and loyalty programs and 1:1 to Aeroplan
  • Go online to access the paperless Expense Management Reports delivered quarterly and annually, for flexible tracking and simple tax preparation

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Around-the-clock fraud protection
  • Online access to your credit card account
  • Unparalleled 24-hour customer service
  • International acceptance at millions of locations
  • No annual fee
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $50.00

  • Earn a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Membership Rewards points when you charge $500 in purchases to your Card in your first 3 months of Card membership
  • Earn double points on eligible travel and everyday purchases
  • Transfer your points to frequent flyer programs, or 1:1 to Aeroplan and Avios
  • 1 Free Supplementary Gold Rewards Card (a $50 value*) to help you earn points faster

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

Maximum cash back on everyday spending


  • 4% on eligible gas station and grocery store purchases
  • 2% on drug store purchases and recurring bills
  • 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • VISA Infinite Complimentary Concierge Service – available 24/7
  • Access to VISA Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection
  • VISA Infinite Dining Series – Unique dining experiences in some of Canada’s top restaurants
  • Special access to unique offers and experiences
  • Rental car collision insurance
  • Purchase security and extended warranty protection

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Up to 5% cash back on all of your eligible gas and grocery purchases for the first 6 months
  • Up to 2% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases thereafter
  • Up to 1% cash back on all of your other eligible purchases
  • 1.99% annual interest rate (AIR) on balance transfers, access cheques and deposits for the first 10 full months
  • Enjoy free online access to your credit card account

And, with no annual fee and free additional cards you’ll start to see the benefits right away.

Once your cash back totals at least $50 at the end of a monthly billing cycle, MBNA will automatically mail you a cheque – it’s that simple.

Product availability and information is provided by the merchants. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of content. Promotional discounts and cash back rebates may be available when purchased through Great Canadian Rebates. This is not a review of products. Products were not tested. Our selection process gathers customer feedback and ratings from many retailer websites and tabulates their responses into one list. They do not reflect our opinions.

The interest rates, fees, rewards details, benefits and other details of the Capital One product(s) described in the article may have changed since the time of publication. Please consult the product information pages on the Capital One website for accurate product details. In the event of any conflict between the product details in this article and the Capital One website, the details on the Capital One website shall prevail.

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Reuse rainwater on your gardens

Today, there are very many things that people are willing to do to save a little money. One of the key areas that such people usually target is minimizing water bills by harvesting rainwater. This practice if employed correctly can help you save all the water that you may have used to water your garden. To successfully achieve this, below are vital tips for anyone who wants to reuse rainwater.

Choose the Right Roof

The volume of water that you can collect depends on your roof type. Therefore, you need to take a hard look at the type of roof that you have to determine its suitability for the purpose. Clay tiles, steel sheets and concrete are some of the best roofing materials for such a roof. You can even talk to roofing manufacturers and experts to find a roof that will work for you.


Just like roofs, not all gutters are ideal for rainwater collection. You should avoid gutters that pond water and install a fireproof mesh to keep out leaves and any debris. You should also fit these gutters on the underside of the roof to reduce sludge buildup and also for effectiveness in your bid to reuse the water collected for your gardens.

Install First Flush

Many people underestimate the value of the first flush. In areas with a lot of pesticide use, first flush diverts the first contaminated water making it possible for you to collect quality water. As much as this water is to be used on your plants, you should avoid collecting the first few liters since they contain a lot of dissolved chemicals that may not be so good for your plants.

Settle for the Ideal Tank

You may have to direct part of the harvested water into your garden directly, but you should also ensure that you store some for days when there will be no rainfall. Choosing a dark tank is important because it inhibits the growth of algae in stored water. You also must ensure that all the openings on the tank are properly screened to keep away mosquitoes.

With these tips in mind, harvesting water is not that difficult, and if you can achieve that then you can be guaranteed of saving a sizeable amount of money every year.

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Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat

Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat

When looking to purchase an inflatable boat for a little recreational water fun, the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat comes in as one of the more popular choices on the market. Boasting the dependability of a well-known manufacturer, as well as the actual practical use the boat offers, this inflatable boat should most definitely be on the list of considerations when searching for a smaller-sized inflatable watercraft.

You can find this boat on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

One of the reasons why this particular boat stands out above the rest is because of its ease of use. There is no assembly required, and it is an extremely easy to steer inflatable boat. Complete with pump and two oars (plus oarlocks, to keep things steady), this product allows for its users to be out in the water in virtually no time flat. Plus, for those who don’t want to do any manual labor when it comes to moving their boat around, they can also purchase a motor to mount right onto the boat to make their water fun less physical, and that much more relaxing.

Pros of the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat:

Dimensions are fairly sizeable, to hold up to three people (90 inches in length, by 54 inches in width)
Offers a generous 600 pound weight limit capacity
Features a DIN Safety chamber
Includes oars for manual movement, as well as a pump for inflation
Comes with fittings to add a SBM 12V electric motor, or will accept a motor mount for a gas-powered motor
Features an all-around grabline, allowing occupants to steady themselves or simply hold the boat in place when entering or exiting from land
Manufacturer is a proven brand
Comes with a 90 day limited manufacturer warranty

Cons of the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat:

Though it will hold up to 600 pounds, it is a little small for those looking for a raft that will hold 3 full size adults (average 200 pounds).
Seems to be more for lake and pool use than ocean use.

In weighing both the pros and cons of the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat, it is clear that this raft is one of the better buys on the market for what one gets in return. Though it would be a little tight with three full-size adults, this inflatable boat still lives up to its capacity claims and is a perfect choice for recreational use in both summer and any other season. The Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat is highly recommended as a top choice for an easy-to-transport, inflatable boat that comes in at a decent price point.

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Get More with Mexx Coupon Code

You know what they say…..Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man! This summer, he needs the Essential Polo. It’s a cool way to look sharp.

Click here to shop Mexx Sales and Deals


The selection might seem limited at first, but don’t let that discourage you. The Essential Polo is going to be an “easy go to” in his wardrobe. Easy to dress up and easy to dress down.

Grab a few different colors, and save with the Mexx Coupon Code. A shipping charge of $8 will be applied to orders of $74.99* or less, so maximize your savings and get that total up over $75 (before taxes and after coupon codes have been applied) and qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Great Canadian Rebates pays you a 4.5% Cash Back Rebate on all Mexx purchases (excluding gift certificates).

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World Tech Toys DC Superman 2CH IR RC Helicopter

World Tech Toys DC Superman 2CH IR RC Helicopter

Most parents run out of ideas when it comes to buying toys for their kids with the wide range of variety in the stores today. This is the reason why most end up buying something a kid won’t appreciate. Below is why you should stop the hustle and buy your child the World Tech Toys Superman 2CH IR RC Helicopter.

This is one of the most stable helicopters you will find in the store and easy to learn if it’s the first toy helicopter your kid has ever acquired. This stability is made possible with its twin rotors which also make it possible to control in different directions.

Since you can’t stop boys from breaking things, its unbreakable remote control is just perfect for kids who can’t keep things in their hands. Your child will have the best feeling when controlling the Man of Steel with this licensed RC helicopter from DC comics.

Its 3.5 channel IR control is perhaps the reason why most people prefer the World Tech Toys Superman 2CH IR RC Helicopter. It is also a Ready To Fly out of the box toy that lets your kid save Metropolis when invaded by evil.

It responds to the command of its master with its IR transmitter at the push of a button. With a height of 7.5 Inches and a wingspan of 6 inches, the helicopter is visible and gives your child the feeling of flying a real helicopter.

When parents buy toys for their kids, most of them keep away from toys that use batteries because that calls for an extra expense. The World Tech Toys Superman 2CH IR RC Helicopter uses a long lasting Internal LiPo Battery and its transmitter only needs 6 AA Alkaline Batteries that are readily available in a store near you. This means that you will save on cost with this helicopter.

You can find this remote control helicopter on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

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A fully loaded dishwasher saves money

The invention of the dishwasher was a time saving device that helped people to have more free time to spend doing the things they loved. Dishwashers not only save time but did you know they can also save you money?

If operated properly dishwashers are much more efficient than traditional sink washing. But many people don’t realize the money they are wasting by running a half full dishwasher. Instead of running your dishwasher after every meal, why not save money and wait until it is fully loaded? There are a few good reasons why running a full dishwasher just makes sense.

Many dishwashers only have a few cycles that cannot be shortened. So no matter how many dishes you have loaded you get the same amount of cycle time. These washer cycles were designed to clean a full load of dishes and use enough water to get the job done properly. By washing only a few dishes you are wasting many gallons of water and over time this adds up. Instead, you should wait and run a full load and you will start to see a huge difference on your water bill.

Another way you are saving money by running a fully loaded dishwasher is through energy use. It takes quite a bit of electricity to dry dishes and your washer doesn’t know if you have a full load or just a few dishes. Since there is no way to regulate the drying time, you are wasting a lot of electricity by running half loads. To save energy and money on your power bill always remember to run full loads.

Finally, by running a fully loaded dishwasher you will save money on dishwashing liquid. Depending on the brand of dishwashing liquid or pods that you use, they can be very expensive. Using less of them on a monthly basis is always a smart choice. In today’s economy we all could benefit from saving a few extra dollars. So the next time you run your dishwasher, please remember to wait until it is fully loaded.

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Great Deals at The

You’ve got places to go, and memories to make this summer! The is helping you get there, capture, and connect with the Sun’s Out Fun’s In Event.

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Taking a road trip? Stay on track with the MAGELLAN RV-9165T-LM ROADMATE GPS WITH BUILT-IN BLUETOOTH AND LIFETIME MAP UPDATES (Save $70). Hear fewer “Are We There Yet” questions with the FLUID 7″ SWIVEL PORTABLE DVD PLAYER (Save $40.11). You won’t get caught without cell reception with the Wi-Ex zBoost zForce cellular phone signal booster (Save $31.00).

Hot Days (and rainy days) call for Hot Deals on entertainment! SAVE up to 60% with The Gaming Clear-out.

Capture all of the fun, scenery and memories with your NIKON COOLPIX L610 (Save $40) or your Canon PowerShot SX160 IS

The Sun’s Out Fun’s In Event has many many many more items on sale. Video games, iPods, toys etc. Check out the deals.

Take advantage of FREE Standard Shipping right to your door for all orders over $30 before tax, as well as FREE ship to store on ALL products. Enjoy 2.5% Cash Back Rebate from Great Canadian Rebates.

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Frame-It-All™ GREP-FIA Soft-sided Greenhouse Kit

Frame-It-All™ GREP-FIA Soft-sided Greenhouse Kit

When it comes to purchasing the best greenhouse, one of the most important things that must be considered involves purchasing one that can be used for all seasons. The greenhouse needs to be equally as effective during the hottest times of the year as it is during coolest times. This requires a product that is of exceptional quality and durability. One such greenhouse is the Frame- It- All GREP- FIA Soft- sided Greenhouse Kit. This is a comprehensive kit that provides everything needed to set up a top quality greenhouse in only minutes. It is also one of the most user- friendly products available for purchase.

You can find this greenhouse on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

This is a fully enclosed greenhouse, and just as the name implies, it is enclosed by a soft, yet durable material on all four sides. Because it is fully enclosed, it can be used effectively during all seasons, making this one of the premier greenhouse kits available on the market. In addition, this system can be set up from start to finish in literally minutes and it requires no tools whatsoever to build. It simply could not be any easier to construct a greenhouse and start growing fresh vegetables or beautiful plants.

Many people use greenhouses during all times of the year and they use them for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is to create a garden and other times it is simply to grow flowers. Sometimes people use them for both purposes at the same time. Whatever the need is, the Frame- It- All GREP- FIA Soft- sided Greenhouse Kit is one of the most effective products available and it is one that is able to produce a high level of quality and ease of use in a single product. Therefore, this particular greenhouse has become one of the most popular choices for people that need to build a greenhouse quickly, yet do not want to compromise quality simply to build one at a faster than normal pace.

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Why energy saving bulbs are a wise investment

Traditional incandescent bulbs have been with us for a very long time. They give off that soft glow that we are all familiar with. But incandescent bulbs are real energy drainers which can also end up draining your bank account. Most traditional incandescent bulbs have a short life and lose 90% of its energy in heat. Many countries including Canada and the US have created laws to phase out these highly inefficient lighting sources.

When replacing traditional light bulbs people have three very good options. The first lighting choice that is new to the market is the energy saving incandescent. Actually halogen bulb users can save 25% more energy when using this type of light source as opposed to the incandescent. This is a step in the right direction for saving money and it still gives off that warm glow you are accustomed to.

The next type of replacement lighting source is the Compact fluorescent lamps or CFL bulbs. This type of bulb has been around for a while and is often the most widely used replacement. Although, the light given off from this type of bulb takes some getting used to, it can save you tons of money. CFL bulbs use 75% less electricity than the traditional incandescent and you will definitely see a difference on your power bill.

Finally, we have the LED bulb. This type of replacement lighting source is hands down the most energy efficient option. LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional light bulbs which will keep more money in your pocket at the end of the month. LED bulbs are more costly to purchase than the incandescent but will last up to 25 times longer. The life span of the LED and the money it saves during operation is well worth paying a little more at the store.

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Adjust temperatures in house to save on heating/cooling bills

It seems like saving money is on everyone’s mind these days, especially as costs continue to rise for virtually everything. However, if you can find a way to save money, it is exactly the same as making extra money as far as your bank account is concerned and it requires no extra time spent at work. One way to effectively save money is by adjusting the temperature just a few degrees on your thermostat so that your air conditioner and furnace run less. You may be surprised how much money this technique can save you.

Depending on where you live, you likely experience extreme heat or extreme cold. Perhaps you experience both. However, it costs several hundred dollars each month to keep everything as cool or as warm as you might want it to be. In fact, many people waste a lot of money each month because they keep their thermostat at a constant setting even when they are not at home. This results in spending a lot of extra money unnecessarily when you could be putting that money to good use elsewhere.

This does not mean to that you need to be uncomfortable or that you need to make huge adjustments in your lifestyle. Instead, it only requires that you make a few slight adjustments that you will barely even notice. However, you are likely to notice a great deal when it comes to your next hydro and gas bills.

Much of this can be accomplished merely by adjusting the temperature a few degrees when you are on your way out the door for work. There is really no need to keep the temperature exactly the same whether you are home or away for the day. If you only change it a few degrees, you can easily return it to the desired temperature when you walk in the door and be comfortable in a matter of minutes.

In addition, you may be able to turn your air conditioner up a few degrees and utilize ceiling fans and other supplemental fans to keep the house comfortable even when the temperature on your thermostat is set at a higher level. By the same token, you can accomplish the same thing in the winter when you are running your furnace, by simply keeping a few extra throws or blankets around and wearing an extra layer of clothing.

By following these simple steps, you can save hundreds of dollars each year. This is money that you can spend on groceries or other necessities or that you can simply save. Whatever you decide to do with it, it will help you stay ahead of the game even when it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a way to make enough money to last each month.

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Vigo VG09008104K1 Wenge Vanities 35-3/4″ Single Basin Bathroom

Vigo VG09008104K1 Wenge Vanities 35-3/4" Single Basin Bathroom

This high quality Vigo bathroom vanity will help you get the bathroom of your dreams. There is no other brand that is capable of matching Vigo’s quality, style, and design and now you can bring that beauty into your bathroom for an affordable price.. The cabinet is made from solidly engineered wood with a wenge finish that has an anti-scratch paint surface for protection from frequent use. The vanity is made for wall mount installation and comes with all the mounting hardware. Other included components are:

Solid brass chrome-plated drain
Hardwood vanity cabinet
Single basin bathroom
Ceramic vanity top
Matching drain assembly

The vanity cabinet is made out of hardwood to provide you with a lifetime of durability that ensures years of reliable performance. In addition, the vanity comes with a concealed, single extension drawer that will give you plenty of storage space. Also, it comes with decorative pieces and everything needed for installation.Cabinet measures: 16 3/4″ H x 35 3/4″ W x 18 1/8″.

The vanity top is constructed of a ceramic material that gives it a clean appearance and sturdy feel. It comes with a recessed single basin sink. Unfortunately, the faucet and waste assembly is not included in this model and must be purchased separately. But all other hardware for installation is included.

This beautiful Vigo bathroom vanity will put a smile on your face in the morning. Because it is made out of solidly engineered wood and other sturdy materials, the Vigo Wenge Vanities Single Basin Bathroom will be sure to last you a very long time. And, although it doesn’t come with a medicine cabinet/mirror, the components that it does include are still a great buy for the money.

You can find this beautiful piece on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

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