Top Cash Back Credit Cards


Credit card companies are working harder than ever to get your business by offering rewards. All of the credit cards below offer rewards such as travel, merchandise, balance transfer and cash back. This list has credit cards that offer cash back upon approval.

What are the best ways to maximize your savings?

  • Do you usually pay cash at the grocery store?  Start using your cash-back credit card.
  • The average Canadian has 3 credit cards in their wallet. Only use the one that gives you the cash back.
  • Place payments that come directly from your bank account on your credit card. It adds up quickly.

And our BEST TIP of all, always pay the balance at the end of the month. There is no point in getting 2.5% back if you end up having to pay over 10 percent in interest on the unpaid balance that results.

Here are the Great Canadian Rebates Top 10 Cash Back Credit Cards (in no particular order)

* Please be sure to visit the Credit Card Application page for full details/limitations on each card listed.

* Carefully follow directions on Great Canadian Rebates links to ensure you receive your GCR cash back rebate.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Earn Sony Points on qualifying net retail purchases made using your Sony Card MasterCard.
  • Get 2,000 Sony Points after your first qualifying transaction
  • Earn Double Sony Points with every qualifying net retail purchase of Sony products at or the Sony store/ Maison Sony
  • Redeem Sony Points toward any Sony product at
  • Browse through the complete catalogue including PlayStation Games, VAIO Wireless Notebooks, BRAVIA LCD Televisions, MP3 Walkman Digital Music Players, movies, software, media and so much more!
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

  • A full 2% cash back on all eligible gas, groceries, recurring payments and drug store purchases
  • A full 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty protection on most purchases

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $65.00

  • Earn 25,000 Welcome Points (enough for a round-trip flight to almost anywhere in North America) if you reach $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of Card membership. You can also earn a Thank You Bonus of up to 40,000 Bonus Points each year
  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards® point for virtually every $1 in purchases charged to your Card
  • Use your points to save money by investing back into your business. Redeem Membership Rewards points toward your American Express Card balance with Points for Credit to pay for your everyday purchases.
  • Transfer your points with no fee to many frequent flyer and loyalty programs and 1:1 to Aeroplan
  • Go online to access the paperless Expense Management Reports delivered quarterly and annually, for flexible tracking and simple tax preparation

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Around-the-clock fraud protection
  • Online access to your credit card account
  • Unparalleled 24-hour customer service
  • International acceptance at millions of locations
  • No annual fee
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $50.00

  • Earn a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Membership Rewards points when you charge $500 in purchases to your Card in your first 3 months of Card membership
  • Earn double points on eligible travel and everyday purchases
  • Transfer your points to frequent flyer programs, or 1:1 to Aeroplan and Avios
  • 1 Free Supplementary Gold Rewards Card (a $50 value*) to help you earn points faster

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

Maximum cash back on everyday spending


  • 4% on eligible gas station and grocery store purchases
  • 2% on drug store purchases and recurring bills
  • 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • VISA Infinite Complimentary Concierge Service – available 24/7
  • Access to VISA Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection
  • VISA Infinite Dining Series – Unique dining experiences in some of Canada’s top restaurants
  • Special access to unique offers and experiences
  • Rental car collision insurance
  • Purchase security and extended warranty protection

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Up to 5% cash back on all of your eligible gas and grocery purchases for the first 6 months
  • Up to 2% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases thereafter
  • Up to 1% cash back on all of your other eligible purchases
  • 1.99% annual interest rate (AIR) on balance transfers, access cheques and deposits for the first 10 full months
  • Enjoy free online access to your credit card account

And, with no annual fee and free additional cards you’ll start to see the benefits right away.

Once your cash back totals at least $50 at the end of a monthly billing cycle, MBNA will automatically mail you a cheque – it’s that simple.

Product availability and information is provided by the merchants. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of content. Promotional discounts and cash back rebates may be available when purchased through Great Canadian Rebates. This is not a review of products. Products were not tested. Our selection process gathers customer feedback and ratings from many retailer websites and tabulates their responses into one list. They do not reflect our opinions.

The interest rates, fees, rewards details, benefits and other details of the Capital One product(s) described in the article may have changed since the time of publication. Please consult the product information pages on the Capital One website for accurate product details. In the event of any conflict between the product details in this article and the Capital One website, the details on the Capital One website shall prevail.

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Skip Hop Hug & Hide Baby Toy, Baby Teether Toy

Skip Hop Hug & Hide Baby Toy, Baby Teether Toy

At the moment, there are a couple of toys for babies that are causing a lot of buzz, in the market, for their innovative designs, such as the Hug & Hide Baby Toy, Baby Teether Toy by Skip Hop. You can find this teether on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

The New York based brand Skip Hop began developing toys and other products for babies in 2003. The owners of this brand, Ellen and Michael Diamant, were first inspired to create baby item solutions when they had their first baby, as they noticed that the choices were endless but only a few of them really satisfied. Since then, this brand has designed and manufactured hundreds of high quality products and has become well-known and respected in the industry.

Their Hug& Hide Baby Toy, Baby Teether Toy is a huggable pal for a baby girl or baby boy that is safe, fun, and very soft to the touch. It is made of polyester and cotton, and it is machine washable.

This toy comes in different animal shapes: puppy, monkey, and other fun animal shapes, as well. The colors of each animal shape are truly eye-appealing; therefore, this toy can have any baby entertained for a couple of hours. Also, it has different features integrated onto it, such as a round mirror so that a baby has fun looking at himself or herself and a vibrating pull.

The staff in this company adds a lot of emphasis on designing and manufacturing perfect products, and they are fanatical about product safety, which really shows on this product. This toy doesn’t contain any hazardous integration that might put a baby at risk for an injury. It is a perfectly safe toy to play with.

This toy currently has countless of positive reviews on a handful of websites where consumers often rate their most recent purchases. There just isn’t anything negative about the Hug & Hide Baby Toy, Baby Teether Toy by Skip Hop. It is truly the perfect toy choice for any baby.

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Leave credit cards at home and use only for emergencies

In an emergency, having a credit card is invaluable. However, using a credit card to pay for every day purchases isn’t a great strategy. When we use credit cards to pay for things like groceries, clothes, and gas for the car, we tend to spend more than we would have if we’d paid with cash. Also, despite our best intentions to pay off the balance once the statement arrives in our mailbox, we know that doesn’t always happen. As a result, we rack up hefty finance charges. Ultimately, we end up paying hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars more in interest each year — good money that certainly could be put to better use!

It can be difficult to break the credit card habit, but it can be done. Here are five pointers to help you out and get you motivated:

1. Pay with cash. You always know how much you’re spending. When your cash runs out, you don’t buy anything else because you can’t.

2. Or, use a debit card. If you don’t feel comfortable carrying a wallet full of cash, a debit card is also a good option because you’ll be using money that you actually have. (With a credit card, on the other hand, you’re using borrowed money that you have to pay back.) The key with a debit card is to always be aware of your balance and avoid overdrawing your account (which can lead to big financial penalties).

3. Leave your credit cards at home. It’s a very simple strategy: if you don’t have your card on you, you can’t use it!

4. Have just one credit card for emergencies. If you’ve got lots of lines of credit from lots of different creditors, pay them off one by one, then close the accounts. Keep one, use it sparingly and only when you need to, and pay off the balance each month to avoid finance charges.

5. Resist the urge to open more credit cards. It’s tempting when you’re at the grocery store or another big box retailer with a cartload of purchases, and the employee at the checkout offers you a good discount for opening a line of credit at that store, but stay strong and politely decline. You’ll be more likely to use that card on subsequent trips, and you’ll pay a lot of interest if the balance isn’t paid in full each month.

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3M 2965-6063 3m Small Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purif

3M 2965-6063 3m Small Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purif

Small Ultra Quiet Air Purifier has a small size that makes it ideal for dorm rooms, office and other small spaces along with a combination of ultra-quiet and high performance. Filtrete filters have been used for a long time to provide millions of residential homes with cleaner air making it the number one in home air filtration. Some of the features for this product include the quiet operation, no ozone generation, cleans room air up to 110 sq ft, timer for filter change included, has a streamlined stylish desi, and an advanced filtration technology that captures up to 99.9% of airborne allergens, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, smoke and household dust.

Developed by 3M engineers, the technology incorporated helps in capturing airborne allergens. The filtrate filter is electrostatically charged enabling it to act as tiny magnets that attracts particles from the air to pass it through the filter and cleans the air. This product is designed to be used in places where daily activities are frequent hence increasing the chance of poor quality air. The purifier also has an indicator for filter-change and one filter. The filter is to be replaced once every three months.

- Effective
- Small size
- Better stability
- Quiet operation

-Filters a small area

3M 2965-6063 3m Small Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purifier is among the quietest air purifiers when compared to other AHAM certified air purifiers. 3M has been recognized as a leader in Research and Development, and produced thousands of highly innovative products for diverse markets. One of the 3M’s core strength is the application of more than 40 different technology platforms that they use in combinations in all their products that are able to meet all the needs of their clients. If you are looking for a perfect solution to filter your air either in your home or your personal office space, trust 3M 2965-6063 3m Small Filtrete Ultra Quiet Air Purifier to do the work for you.

You can find this purifier on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to purchase it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

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Save money on gas by cleaning your vehicle’s air filter

This is a day and age where economic struggles seem to always be present. For this matter, one has to take advantage of any way that can allow the saving of money, especially when it comes to saving on gas. Cleaning a vehicle’s air filter can improve gas mileage, and therefore it can save anybody meaningful sums of money.

Usually the majority of vehicle air filters are replaced every 15,000 miles. But, this doesn’t mean that an air filter will be working properly until it reaches that mile limit. A filter tends to get clogged with dust after just a few thousand miles. When this occurs, the air flow that goes under the hood slows down; therefore, one’s vehicle can rapidly become less fuel efficient.

A filter that has been used for just 5,000 miles can cost anybody up to 7% more on gas mileage. If one takes the time to do the calculations of the money that can be saved by cleaning a vehicle’s filter before it reaches the 15,000 miles, one will see the big financial benefits.

It only takes about five minutes to clean an air filter. It is quite an easy and simple process to undertake. All that is required is a vacuum cleaner, owner’s manual to know where the air filter is, and the vehicle. One opens the car’s hood, unscrews the top of the metal container the filter is in, pulls the filter out, cleans filter with vacuum cleaner, vacuums the part where the air filter sits and wipes it off with a paper towel, puts the air filter and top cover back in place, and that’s it!

People do not need to pay a mechanic to clean their air filters, as it is super easy to do. In order to improve gas mileage on a vehicle to the max, it is highly recommended to clean the air filter once it reaches the 5,000 miles.

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Lacoste Canada Back to School Coupon

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, however, the temperatures have already started to dip in Canada, and the leaves have just begun to change color. It is Back to School Season!

Now let me share some good news….Lacoste Canada is giving you a Back to School Coupon.

Click here to shop Lacoste Canada Sales and Deals


Lacoste Canada still has many items on sale up to 50% off, and I confirmed that this Coupon Code can be applied to sale items as well. You must spend $200 or more to use this coupon, so that will qualify you for the Free Shipping, and as always, Great Canadian Rebates gives you 2.5% Cash Back Rebate on your Lacoste Canada purchases.

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Buy most reliable appliances, not the cheapest

We all would like to buy things at a bargain price. But, did you ever notice the many products you bought at discount stopped working after only a short time. Our economy runs on consumerism and it would cease to function if we didn’t buy the latest and greatest cell phone or tablet computer when they came out.

Home appliances are the same nowadays as well. It used to be a refrigerator would stay in the family from grandmother down to the granddaughter. Now you are lucky if it lasts through to your first child entering High School.

In this article, you will see that by shopping for quality and reliability instead of price; you get a better deal in the long run.

How to get the most out of your appliances and cookware


How big is your family, decides the size
Food shopping habits, daily or weekly, decides size
Do you need a built in door wine cooler?
Bells and whistles make for higher prices
Brand, Some have a much higher quality than others
Study the one you want to buy and find out how long will last

Stoves and Ovens:

Do you need one?
Many now use Induction Cookers in place of a stove or a microwave, crockpot, or an all-in-one Electric combination unit
Should you have an oven?
If you choose a stove, will it be gas or electric?
How many burners do you need? The number may determine size and price of the appliance


How much water does it use per load
Is it Energy Star rate?
Does it recycle water?
Does it use steam or electric heat to sterilize your dishes?


Gas or Electric
Combination or two stand alones

Kitchen Appliances:

Single function vs. Combination – combos may fail sooner and you can only do one function at a time
Plastic vs. Glass/Metal – plastic is not as durable as glass or metal


High carbon steel cleaver – keeps an edge better and replaces almost all kitchen gadgets with a little practice.
Ceramic knives for slicing

Pots and Pans:

High-end nonstick coatings for Frying pan/Wok – No metal tools to be used with them
Stainless steel for rest of pots – no tomato or acid based foods inside them
Ceramic lined pots for use with acidic produce

Cost at first may seem daunting
A $100 dollar knife will last you a lifetime as compared with a $10 special and you will get a better job of cutting out of it. The same is true with the other appliances and kitchen cookware in your home.

If you invest the time wisely to research brand, customer reviews, and plan your purchases to last over the long haul. You will find you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairing or replacing your appliances and cookware.

Professional chefs use certain brands of products that last them for their entire careers in the restaurant business. You should follow this thinking because you put as much effort into your cooking and other activities as a pro. Do you feel that you should expect the same out of your appliances, knives, and cookware?

You owe it to yourself to get the best quality and reliability you can afford and it will reward you by giving you excellent service when you need it and last for tens of years instead of only a handful. This is the true secret of living frugal.

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Diamond Archery A12207 Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 70# Bow

Diamond Archery A12207 Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 70# Bow

Diamond Archery A12207 Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 70# Bow is a great tool for outdoor activities. The infinite edge provides unlimited value and maximum adjustability. In it’s performance, the infinite bow will give you the best results along with it’s durability feature which will make it the last bow you will ever purchase as it will last as long as you will need it. The bow has an amazing draw length of between 13-30 inches with a draw weight of between 5-7- pounds, which helps in providing dependability as the archer gradually develops. The Infinite Edge bow comes along with training programs for bowfishers and first time shooters.

You can find this bow on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer upon purchase.

Some of the features of this amazing Infinite Bow include BCY string loop, tube peep sight, octane deadlock lite quiver, Hostage XL Arrow rest, along with an Infinite Edge accessory package that includes a 3 Pin Apex Sight. The bow is made from a quality Aluminium, fiberglass material. The bow is designed to offer quality and is comfortable when being used. The product measures 34 x 12 x 3 inches and weighs 3.2 pounds.

The bow is a great equipment for people who are starting out on archery training or veterans as it meets all their demands. The Infinite Bow has been well received by many of it’s users who have praised it for it’s efficiency and is easy to use even for the beginners. The adjustability between different weights and draw lengths enables every user to adjust the bow to their right requirement hence ensuring comfortability when using it. If you love outdoor activities, especially archery, then Diamond Archery A12207 Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 70# Bow is one thing that you need to have in your back pack.

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Walmart Canada Sale 55% off HP wireless all-in-one printer

55% off the HP wireless all-in-one printer sounds great. You know what sounds better? That 55% brings the price down to only $35 (Was $79.97)!

Click here to shop Walmart Canada Sales and Deals

It’s not just the price that is impressive. Reading through the reviews, these were just a small selection of the positive comments….

  • Great quality printing, super easy set up, does everything I need wirelessly – printing, copying, scanning. Highly recommend this product
  • easy to set up, works great with iPad (air print) good buy low price
  • Easy to set up, great for iPads , cell phones, all laptops….. Love it!

Your new HP wireless all-in-one printer also comes with 2 ink cartridges, and one-year technical phone support; one-year limited hardware warranty and access to 24/7 award-winning support services. Printing, scanning and copying—at an affordable price in a compact design.

Sweeten the deal with Free Shipping and Cash Back Rebate from Great Canadian Rebates (Walmart Canada has a 2.5% Cash back on most items,  1% Cash Back for Electronics. No Cash Back on Gift Cards).

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Easy steps to save money everyday

In this day and age of constant economic struggles, one can do a handful of things to save a couple of bucks here and there. If taken to heart, the following information can help anybody have extra money in their pockets.

Top SIX Ways to Save Money

1. Unplugging Appliances
Unplugging every single appliance that is not in use in one’s home can help save tremendous sums of money in electricity.

2. Purchasing Generic Branded Medication and Food
Instead of opting to purchase from those brands that spend millions of dollars on advertising, which people end-up paying for when they buy one of their high priced products, opting to purchase generic branded items is the best bet. In most cases, they contain the same ingredients that the un-generic branded products contain.

3. Recycling
Yes, anybody can make money recycling. Nobody should throw their high-tech devices or soda cans in the trash, as these two things can make anybody a couple of bucks.

4. Not Stepping on Vehicle’s Brakes if it’s Unnecessary
Every time people step on the brakes gas decreases; for that matter, if anybody has a habit of just stepping on the brakes for no reason, working to break this habit is a must, as it can help save a couple of bucks on gas.

5. Shopping at the Dollar Store Before Going to Other Stores
Countless of dollar stores across the country have the same DVDs, makeup, books, chips, toys, and etc. that are being sold in other stores. The only difference is that people are able to attain them at a much cheaper price.

6. Turning off the Lights
What’s the point of having the lights on if one doesn’t really need them? When one is using a laptop at night, the light is not really necessary. When one walks up to the refrigerator at night, turning on the lights in the kitchen isn’t necessary either, as refrigerators have light bulbs integrated into them already.

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Petsafe Alluminum Wall Entry Pet Door

Petsafe Alluminum Wall Entry Pet Door

With the presence of pets in your home, you need an appropriate and safe entry for your pets into the home. The entry allows easy access into and out of the house. Normally, pets have their own preferences when they want to be outdoors or indoors which may differ from their owner’s timing. Therefore, having their own pet door will solve some of these problems and be convenient for both you and your pet.

The PetSafe Aluminum Wall Entry Pet Door works great in places where installing an entry door or pet door is inconvenient and not practical. This type of pet door can be installed in various wall materials including brick, stucco, and all types of sidings, hence making it among the best wall mount pet doors available.

You can get this pet door on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to find it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

There are various types and sizes for these pet doors depending on the type of wall and the size of the pet. The three different sizes available handle different weights starting with 20 pounds, 40 pounds and lastly 100 pound. Walls that are less than 7.25 inch, telescoping tunnels are used for installation while the walls beyond 7.25 inch thick, extension kits are used that will allow door extension beyond 7.25 inch thick. The extension kits are purchased separately.

The PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors are fitted with double flap system that helps in insulating for favorable energy efficiency. The adjustable sill along with the extra powerful magnets on the double flap help in providing excellent insulation. They have a locking closing panel that is non-rusting and ensures durability. The locking closing panel is used for reliable entry of the pets into the house.

The installation of the pet door is easy and can be completed in few hours time. When installing the pet door, you should ensure you do so in the pet’s favorite spot for easy access. The pet door can also be placed between room walls and offers your pet entry to rooms when the doors are closed. Once installed, you should then give your pet a simple training on how to use the doors for accessibility. Once this is accomplished, you can then be assured of your uninterrupted activities from then onwards.

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