Top Cash Back Credit Cards


Credit card companies are working harder than ever to get your business by offering rewards. All of the credit cards below offer rewards such as travel, merchandise, balance transfer and cash back. This list has credit cards that offer cash back upon approval.

What are the best ways to maximize your savings?

  • Do you usually pay cash at the grocery store?  Start using your cash-back credit card.
  • The average Canadian has 3 credit cards in their wallet. Only use the one that gives you the cash back.
  • Place payments that come directly from your bank account on your credit card. It adds up quickly.

And our BEST TIP of all, always pay the balance at the end of the month. There is no point in getting 2.5% back if you end up having to pay over 10 percent in interest on the unpaid balance that results.

Here are the Great Canadian Rebates Top 10 Cash Back Credit Cards (in no particular order)

* Please be sure to visit the Credit Card Application page for full details/limitations on each card listed.

* Carefully follow directions on Great Canadian Rebates links to ensure you receive your GCR cash back rebate.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Earn Sony Points on qualifying net retail purchases made using your Sony Card MasterCard.
  • Get 2,000 Sony Points after your first qualifying transaction
  • Earn Double Sony Points with every qualifying net retail purchase of Sony products at or the Sony store/ Maison Sony
  • Redeem Sony Points toward any Sony product at
  • Browse through the complete catalogue including PlayStation Games, VAIO Wireless Notebooks, BRAVIA LCD Televisions, MP3 Walkman Digital Music Players, movies, software, media and so much more!
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

  • A full 2% cash back on all eligible gas, groceries, recurring payments and drug store purchases
  • A full 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty protection on most purchases

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $65.00

  • Earn 25,000 Welcome Points (enough for a round-trip flight to almost anywhere in North America) if you reach $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of Card membership. You can also earn a Thank You Bonus of up to 40,000 Bonus Points each year
  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards® point for virtually every $1 in purchases charged to your Card
  • Use your points to save money by investing back into your business. Redeem Membership Rewards points toward your American Express Card balance with Points for Credit to pay for your everyday purchases.
  • Transfer your points with no fee to many frequent flyer and loyalty programs and 1:1 to Aeroplan
  • Go online to access the paperless Expense Management Reports delivered quarterly and annually, for flexible tracking and simple tax preparation

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Around-the-clock fraud protection
  • Online access to your credit card account
  • Unparalleled 24-hour customer service
  • International acceptance at millions of locations
  • No annual fee
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $50.00

  • Earn a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Membership Rewards points when you charge $500 in purchases to your Card in your first 3 months of Card membership
  • Earn double points on eligible travel and everyday purchases
  • Transfer your points to frequent flyer programs, or 1:1 to Aeroplan and Avios
  • 1 Free Supplementary Gold Rewards Card (a $50 value*) to help you earn points faster

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

Maximum cash back on everyday spending


  • 4% on eligible gas station and grocery store purchases
  • 2% on drug store purchases and recurring bills
  • 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • VISA Infinite Complimentary Concierge Service – available 24/7
  • Access to VISA Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection
  • VISA Infinite Dining Series – Unique dining experiences in some of Canada’s top restaurants
  • Special access to unique offers and experiences
  • Rental car collision insurance
  • Purchase security and extended warranty protection

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Up to 5% cash back on all of your eligible gas and grocery purchases for the first 6 months
  • Up to 2% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases thereafter
  • Up to 1% cash back on all of your other eligible purchases
  • 1.99% annual interest rate (AIR) on balance transfers, access cheques and deposits for the first 10 full months
  • Enjoy free online access to your credit card account

And, with no annual fee and free additional cards you’ll start to see the benefits right away.

Once your cash back totals at least $50 at the end of a monthly billing cycle, MBNA will automatically mail you a cheque – it’s that simple.

Product availability and information is provided by the merchants. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of content. Promotional discounts and cash back rebates may be available when purchased through Great Canadian Rebates. This is not a review of products. Products were not tested. Our selection process gathers customer feedback and ratings from many retailer websites and tabulates their responses into one list. They do not reflect our opinions.

The interest rates, fees, rewards details, benefits and other details of the Capital One product(s) described in the article may have changed since the time of publication. Please consult the product information pages on the Capital One website for accurate product details. In the event of any conflict between the product details in this article and the Capital One website, the details on the Capital One website shall prevail.

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Big Savings on OptiPlex 9020 Small Form Factor

If you are in the market for a new computer processor, the timing on this sale is perfect.

Click here to shop Dell Canada Small Business Sales and Deals


This OptiPlex 9020 Small Form Factor is regularly priced from $1,725.00. You save $862.50 with coupon code, bring the price down to starting at only $862.50 with the Dell Canada Small Business Coupon Code. Financing options are also available, visit the Dell Canada Small Business website for more business.

Receive 2.0% Cash Back Rebate from Great Canadian Rebates. Free Shipping is available on all orders from Dell Canada Small Business.

Conditions :  Members must not return or cancel their purchase and the transaction must not involve interaction with a Dell sales representative.

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Tips for saving on new music

“One good thing about music, “Bob Marley famously said, “when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Those of us who love the way a good tune makes us feel have been known to spend a significant portion of our money so we can hear our favorite music any time and all the time. But when you’re on a tight budget, spending money on music seems a bit frivolous, especially compared to more essential things like food and shelter. Fortunately, there are lots of other ways to hear the songs you love while substantially cutting what you spend on them. Read on for three of them.

Visit the Library

In addition to books, magazines, and newspapers, many libraries have extensive audio/visual collections. Browse through your local library’s CDs, check out the ones you like, and listen all you want. You can even import the tracks into your computer’s music files, allowing you to hear them long after you’ve returned your discs. And, if your library doesn’t have the music you want, try requesting that the library acquire an item and put it in circulation. Many libraries are quick to honor their patrons’ requests.

Don’t have time to go to the library? See if your local branch has a subscription to Freegal Music, a web-based service that allows patrons of subscribing libraries to download a limited number of songs per week.

On the Radio

It may seem like antiquated technology, but the radio is still a great source for hearing both the latest hits and your all-time favorite tunes. True, you have to hear some commercials every now and then, and you might not hear the exact song you want, but the enormous upside of radio is that it’s free and always available. Plus, with stations in just about every format, you can listen to new genres of music without having to pay for them first. Additionally, many internet radio stations have smart technology that learn your music preferences as you listen and play songs that they think you will like.

Click Around

If bandwidth isn’t a concern, songs can be played on YouTube and streaming music sites like GrooveShark with just the click of a mouse. True, the quality can be a bit rough, and you can’t necessarily take these tracks with you on your morning run or as you’re riding the bus. But when you’re at or near your desk, sites like these are a good and free option for listening to the music you love.

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ProSelect Puppy Playpen + Bonus 7-pack of Puppy Pads

ProSelect Puppy Playpen + Bonus 7-pack of Puppy Pads

Puppies are playful and adorable but they do tend to get into things. When their owner is going out or when the puppies need a place to rest they can be kept in a pen. Not just any pen will do. The ProSelect Puppy Playpen and bonus 7 pack of puppy pads is a great choice to keep the little puppies safe and secure.

You can find this pen on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

This playpen has enough room for the puppy to move around and to lie comfortably. The wires are durable and will not hurt the puppies but will keep them safely inside of this dog playpen. There is also an elevated floor grate for easy cleaning. The puppy pads are absorbent and are easy to remove. They can be rolled up and thrown away without any mess. The extra pads are included as a great starter to clean up after the puppies and their accidents.

This playpen is black in color so it will fit in any room. It is made from power coated steel so it will not peel. Even if the puppy bites on the playpen nothing will come off and they will not be injured. The tray is made from plastic so it is easy to remove and to clean. This playpen comes in three different sizes. There is small for little dogs, medium for regular size puppies, and a large size for puppies of a larger breed or several dogs. The playpen is easy to use. There are two ways to get the puppies into it. There is one opening at the top and the other opening is on the side. There is also a latch closure on the side so the puppy will be secure in this playpen. When the playpen does need to be cleaned it can be wiped down with some soap and water.

This playpen is great for housebreaking a puppy or puppies. It provides them a safe place to sleep and call their own. The extra puppy pads make accident cleanup simple and easy. This playpen is great to help the puppy to get used to its new home.

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GARMIN Foretrex 401 1.66″ Wrist-Mounted GPS Navigation

GARMIN Foretrex 401 1.66" Wrist-Mounted GPS Navigation

Garmin has been making quality products since 1989 and offers a wide range of personal GPS units. A great new product from Garmin is the Foretrex 401 1.66″ Wrist-Mounted GPS Navigation unit. This amazing new product is perfect for those who lead an active life and don’t want to be slowed down by a bulky GPS unit. The Foretrex 401 comes with one of the most sensitive GPS receivers on the market today. No matter if you are surrounded by buildings or deep in the words with lots of trees around you finding a signal won’t be a problem. Lots of features make the Foretrex 401 a highly sought after personal GPS unit. An easy to read and accurate digital compass and altimeter makes finding your way in and out of the back country easy.

You can find this unit on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

The Foretrex 401 allows users to store 500 waypoints with labels and symbols as well as 10,000 trackpoints. The built in trip computer helps users keep track of trip times and it calculates distances too. The Foretrex 401 which is worn on the wrist is lightweight at only 2.26 ounces and it feels like wearing a large wrist watch. The easy to read output display has a contrast resolution of 64 x 100 pixels and a strong backlight for low light situations. Powered by 2 small AAA batteries, the Foretrex 401 has up to 15 hours of fulltime use making it great for those long distance hikes.

So if you are a person who loves to go hiking but doesn’t want to carry around one of those bulky GPS units, the Garmin Foretrex 401 1.66″ Wrist-Mounted GPS Navigation unit is perfect for you. Great for those longer backcountry hiking trips, this wrist mounted GPS unit won’t add any bulk to your load. The Foretrex is also much cheaper than traditional handheld GPS units which is great for those on a budget.

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Cut back on convenience foods and cook from scratch

When money gets tight we are always on the search for an easy way to save, and there aren’t always a whole lot of options. Did you know that cutting back on convenience foods can both save you money and help you to live a happier, healthier life?

Convenience foods may seem cheap when you see them in the store, but homemade food is actually a lot lower in price. While a frozen dinner can sell for just a buck or two, by the time you buy one for each member of your family – or one for each day of the week – you will have spent more than the amount of money that is required to buy the ingredients for a homemade meal. Once you have the basics in your pantry, the ingredients needed to create a fresh meal don’t cost much at all. There are a number of recipes out there that will help you to create homemade alternatives to convenience foods – alternatives that cost much less than the store bought items.

Cooking your own food in place of store bought meals and fast food can actually taste better and be a healthier choice. You can do good for your family while you are saving money, by cutting back on convenience foods.

How do you start cutting back on convenience foods and saving your hard earned money? First, find some recipes that you would like to attempt. There are so many recipes for healthy meals and snacks out there, you just need to find the ones that are right for your family and budget. As you start to cook, choose recipes that seem simple, ones that you know that you can accomplish. This will keep you from growing discouraged and giving up. Next, take a shopping trip and buy the ingredients that you need. Finally, cook the food and have some in your fridge and freezer at all times, ready to be heated as a convenient meal or snack.

You can cook good, healthy food for yourself and/or your family, and you can save money by cutting convenience foods out of your diet.

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Oster Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener

OsterA Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Struggling to open a wine bottle is no longer something people want to deal with, especially not when there are so many options available that make the task so much easier. But, with all the different types of wine openers available, it’s often difficult for consumers to decide which type they might like to purchase. What’s even more interesting is that a number of people aren’t widely aware of electric options, such as the Oster Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener – which happens to be the top choice for many consumers.

The Oster Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener is a rechargeable, cordless opener, which can remove a cork in seconds. It is a compact, attractive appliance that can open up to 30 bottles using just one, single charge, all while maintaining a simple design that provides easy, push-button operation. Unlike manual models, this cordless wine opener works for everyone – even for those who usually struggle with traditional-style corkscrews due to hand or arm issues or conditions (like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, injuries, etc.). For those who love wine, but struggle with the strain of grasping the bottle and pulling the cork, this is definitely a product to consider.

Pros: Oster Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Removes corks quickly and easily without any physical effort.
Long-lasting battery will open up to 30 wine bottles without having to recharge (great for parties).
Compact, slim design is unobtrusive, and may be left out in a kitchen without taking away from its aesthetics.
Logs in at a very reasonable and competitive price point.
Comes with a foil cutter to remove seals
Features a soft grip handle and easy push-button operation.
Comes in two attractive colors: silver and black.

Cons: Oster Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Price comes in at around four times the cost of a cheap wine bottle opener that can do the job
Must be charged in order to operate

There really aren’t that many negatives to purchasing and owning the Oster Rechargeable Electric Wine Bottle Opener. In fact, although a cheaper wine opener can technically do the job, it isn’t something that most people want to deal with. Plus, there are several corkscrew sets that cost well over and above this product’s retail price, yet they don’t provide any additional benefit.

Considering the cost, ease of use, and overall utility of this electric wine bottle opener, the Oster Rechargeable is well worth the price. You can pick it up at the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

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Students should take advantage of discounts

Most students live on a tight budget, and saving money whenever they can is important. Instead of living off a diet of ramen noodles, penny pinching every opportunity they get, they can take advantage of student discounts, which come with their student ID card.

8 ways you can save money with student discounts

1. Car insurance companies offer extra discounts for students with a student ID card, especially if you make good grades. If you want to see if your insurance agent offers student discounts, just call and ask.

2. There are multiple restaurants that offer student discounts when you present your student ID card up front. Offers may vary depending on the restaurant’s manager, but most fast food restaurants offer some kind of student discount. Living off a diet of ramen noodles is not necessary when you can purchase other foods for a discounted price.

3. Entertainment is not necessarily something you need, but you’re going to want entertainment every once in a while to keep yourself happy as a student. Most of the time, having fun can get expensive, but not with student discounts. If you plan to buy tickets for any sort of entertainment, whether it’s a movie or a concert, ask if they provide student discounts. Most of the time, they do.

4. Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T all offer discounts to students, and we all know that cell phone bills can get expensive, so you’ll need all the help that you can get. All it takes is one call to a cell phone provider to see if you qualify for a discount. You could wind up saving a lot on your monthly bill.

5. Transportation can be pricey, but luckily there’s also student discounts for transportation services. If you need to travel back home to see your family, you don’t need to spend a hefty sum of cash every time you go. While booking travel reservations, pay attention to the student deals they may offer.

6. Clothing discounts can range from 5-20% at specific stores when you take advantage of student discounts. Always ask the clothing store you’re shopping at if they offer student discounts, you could still look fabulous and not have to spend as much money.

7. Some subscriptions and memberships are made to give a student discounts, such as Amazon student,Sam’s Club Collegiate Membership, and the Student Advantage Discount Card. If you purchase one of these memberships, the savings in the long run will be beneficial.

8. Computers are expensive, but student discounts can help. In the modern world we live in, it’s almost impossible to get work done without access to a computer, and technology stores know that. Sony, Dell, Apple, and HP offer many student discounts, and stores like Best Buy offer many discounts for a wide range of technology.

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Reuse rainwater on your gardens

Today, there are very many things that people are willing to do to save a little money. One of the key areas that such people usually target is minimizing water bills by harvesting rainwater. This practice if employed correctly can help you save all the water that you may have used to water your garden. To successfully achieve this, below are vital tips for anyone who wants to reuse rainwater.

Choose the Right Roof

The volume of water that you can collect depends on your roof type. Therefore, you need to take a hard look at the type of roof that you have to determine its suitability for the purpose. Clay tiles, steel sheets and concrete are some of the best roofing materials for such a roof. You can even talk to roofing manufacturers and experts to find a roof that will work for you.


Just like roofs, not all gutters are ideal for rainwater collection. You should avoid gutters that pond water and install a fireproof mesh to keep out leaves and any debris. You should also fit these gutters on the underside of the roof to reduce sludge buildup and also for effectiveness in your bid to reuse the water collected for your gardens.

Install First Flush

Many people underestimate the value of the first flush. In areas with a lot of pesticide use, first flush diverts the first contaminated water making it possible for you to collect quality water. As much as this water is to be used on your plants, you should avoid collecting the first few liters since they contain a lot of dissolved chemicals that may not be so good for your plants.

Settle for the Ideal Tank

You may have to direct part of the harvested water into your garden directly, but you should also ensure that you store some for days when there will be no rainfall. Choosing a dark tank is important because it inhibits the growth of algae in stored water. You also must ensure that all the openings on the tank are properly screened to keep away mosquitoes.

With these tips in mind, harvesting water is not that difficult, and if you can achieve that then you can be guaranteed of saving a sizeable amount of money every year.

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Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat

Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat

When looking to purchase an inflatable boat for a little recreational water fun, the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat comes in as one of the more popular choices on the market. Boasting the dependability of a well-known manufacturer, as well as the actual practical use the boat offers, this inflatable boat should most definitely be on the list of considerations when searching for a smaller-sized inflatable watercraft.

You can find this boat on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

One of the reasons why this particular boat stands out above the rest is because of its ease of use. There is no assembly required, and it is an extremely easy to steer inflatable boat. Complete with pump and two oars (plus oarlocks, to keep things steady), this product allows for its users to be out in the water in virtually no time flat. Plus, for those who don’t want to do any manual labor when it comes to moving their boat around, they can also purchase a motor to mount right onto the boat to make their water fun less physical, and that much more relaxing.

Pros of the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat:

Dimensions are fairly sizeable, to hold up to three people (90 inches in length, by 54 inches in width)
Offers a generous 600 pound weight limit capacity
Features a DIN Safety chamber
Includes oars for manual movement, as well as a pump for inflation
Comes with fittings to add a SBM 12V electric motor, or will accept a motor mount for a gas-powered motor
Features an all-around grabline, allowing occupants to steady themselves or simply hold the boat in place when entering or exiting from land
Manufacturer is a proven brand
Comes with a 90 day limited manufacturer warranty

Cons of the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat:

Though it will hold up to 600 pounds, it is a little small for those looking for a raft that will hold 3 full size adults (average 200 pounds).
Seems to be more for lake and pool use than ocean use.

In weighing both the pros and cons of the Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat, it is clear that this raft is one of the better buys on the market for what one gets in return. Though it would be a little tight with three full-size adults, this inflatable boat still lives up to its capacity claims and is a perfect choice for recreational use in both summer and any other season. The Coleman Caravelle 3-person Inflatable Boat is highly recommended as a top choice for an easy-to-transport, inflatable boat that comes in at a decent price point.

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Get More with Mexx Coupon Code

You know what they say…..Every girl’s crazy about a sharp dressed man! This summer, he needs the Essential Polo. It’s a cool way to look sharp.

Click here to shop Mexx Sales and Deals


The selection might seem limited at first, but don’t let that discourage you. The Essential Polo is going to be an “easy go to” in his wardrobe. Easy to dress up and easy to dress down.

Grab a few different colors, and save with the Mexx Coupon Code. A shipping charge of $8 will be applied to orders of $74.99* or less, so maximize your savings and get that total up over $75 (before taxes and after coupon codes have been applied) and qualify for FREE SHIPPING.

Great Canadian Rebates pays you a 4.5% Cash Back Rebate on all Mexx purchases (excluding gift certificates).

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