Top Cash Back Credit Cards


Credit card companies are working harder than ever to get your business by offering rewards. All of the credit cards below offer rewards such as travel, merchandise, balance transfer and cash back. This list has credit cards that offer cash back upon approval.

What are the best ways to maximize your savings?

  • Do you usually pay cash at the grocery store?  Start using your cash-back credit card.
  • The average Canadian has 3 credit cards in their wallet. Only use the one that gives you the cash back.
  • Place payments that come directly from your bank account on your credit card. It adds up quickly.

And our BEST TIP of all, always pay the balance at the end of the month. There is no point in getting 2.5% back if you end up having to pay over 10 percent in interest on the unpaid balance that results.

Here are the Great Canadian Rebates Top 10 Cash Back Credit Cards (in no particular order)

* Please be sure to visit the Credit Card Application page for full details/limitations on each card listed.

* Carefully follow directions on Great Canadian Rebates links to ensure you receive your GCR cash back rebate.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Earn Sony Points on qualifying net retail purchases made using your Sony Card MasterCard.
  • Get 2,000 Sony Points after your first qualifying transaction
  • Earn Double Sony Points with every qualifying net retail purchase of Sony products at or the Sony store/ Maison Sony
  • Redeem Sony Points toward any Sony product at
  • Browse through the complete catalogue including PlayStation Games, VAIO Wireless Notebooks, BRAVIA LCD Televisions, MP3 Walkman Digital Music Players, movies, software, media and so much more!
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

  • A full 2% cash back on all eligible gas, groceries, recurring payments and drug store purchases
  • A full 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • Purchase Security and Extended Warranty protection on most purchases

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $65.00

  • Earn 25,000 Welcome Points (enough for a round-trip flight to almost anywhere in North America) if you reach $3,000 in purchases within the first 3 months of Card membership. You can also earn a Thank You Bonus of up to 40,000 Bonus Points each year
  • Earn 1 Membership Rewards® point for virtually every $1 in purchases charged to your Card
  • Use your points to save money by investing back into your business. Redeem Membership Rewards points toward your American Express Card balance with Points for Credit to pay for your everyday purchases.
  • Transfer your points with no fee to many frequent flyer and loyalty programs and 1:1 to Aeroplan
  • Go online to access the paperless Expense Management Reports delivered quarterly and annually, for flexible tracking and simple tax preparation

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Around-the-clock fraud protection
  • Online access to your credit card account
  • Unparalleled 24-hour customer service
  • International acceptance at millions of locations
  • No annual fee
  • Enhanced security and protection with Chip & PIN technology and PayPass

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $50.00

  • Earn a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 Membership Rewards points when you charge $500 in purchases to your Card in your first 3 months of Card membership
  • Earn double points on eligible travel and everyday purchases
  • Transfer your points to frequent flyer programs, or 1:1 to Aeroplan and Avios
  • 1 Free Supplementary Gold Rewards Card (a $50 value*) to help you earn points faster

* As a Charge Card, the balance must always be paid in full each month. 30% annual interest rate applies to balances not paid in full.

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $40.00

Maximum cash back on everyday spending


  • 4% on eligible gas station and grocery store purchases
  • 2% on drug store purchases and recurring bills
  • 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases
  • VISA Infinite Complimentary Concierge Service – available 24/7
  • Access to VISA Infinite Luxury Hotel Collection
  • VISA Infinite Dining Series – Unique dining experiences in some of Canada’s top restaurants
  • Special access to unique offers and experiences
  • Rental car collision insurance
  • Purchase security and extended warranty protection

Great Canadian Rebates Cash Back Rebate: $60.00

  • Up to 5% cash back on all of your eligible gas and grocery purchases for the first 6 months
  • Up to 2% cash back on eligible gas and grocery purchases thereafter
  • Up to 1% cash back on all of your other eligible purchases
  • 1.99% annual interest rate (AIR) on balance transfers, access cheques and deposits for the first 10 full months
  • Enjoy free online access to your credit card account

And, with no annual fee and free additional cards you’ll start to see the benefits right away.

Once your cash back totals at least $50 at the end of a monthly billing cycle, MBNA will automatically mail you a cheque – it’s that simple.

Product availability and information is provided by the merchants. We take no responsibility for the accuracy of content. Promotional discounts and cash back rebates may be available when purchased through Great Canadian Rebates. This is not a review of products. Products were not tested. Our selection process gathers customer feedback and ratings from many retailer websites and tabulates their responses into one list. They do not reflect our opinions.

The interest rates, fees, rewards details, benefits and other details of the Capital One product(s) described in the article may have changed since the time of publication. Please consult the product information pages on the Capital One website for accurate product details. In the event of any conflict between the product details in this article and the Capital One website, the details on the Capital One website shall prevail.

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Why Choose Cash Over Credit Card When Dining Out

There are a number of benefits you stand to enjoy if you use cash on a night out over credit card. Although most credit card reward programs sound appealing, what you get is not what you paid for. Here are some of the reasons why you should use cash only when dining out.

Track spending – It is perceived that people fall victims of impulse buying when shopping. However, dining can also make you spend money on what you hadn’t planned for. Impulse buying is easier with a credit card than cash. Most restaurants double their sales when Visa and MasterCard are accepted because the management knows customers will spend more with plastic than with cash. You will save more with cash since you will be in a position to monitor your expenditure and stop when you are low on funds.

Fees – The fees piled up by credit companies is outrageous. Some go as far as charging annually. When using cash to pay for dinner, you don’t have to worry about fees or hidden charges. You are also free from additional charges you may get when your card provider lowers your limits without your knowledge.

Get a Better Deal – Some restaurant owners have rebelled against the fees charged by card processors for accepting card payments. You will receive 3-5% discount if you spend cash when dining out in restaurants that do not accept credit cards. This is also the best way you can enjoy a costly meal but at a cheap price.

Safety – When credit cards came into existence, they were regarded as the safest way to carry cash. However, with the rise in identity theft, it is advisable to use cash only. You will not lose anything to scammers with cash. You may lose a large sum of money to scammers with credit cards.

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Summer Infant ‘Newborn-to-Toddler’ Fold-away Baby Bath

Summer Infant 'Newborn-to-Toddler' Fold-away Baby Bath

When it comes to choosing a baby bath, you need to choose a product that will provide comfort and security to your baby. The product should also be durable and easy to carry around. Newborn-to-Toddler Fold away baby bath is one of the products that you can use to bathe your baby.You can find it on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

Here are some of the features that make this product great for your baby.

Easy to fold – You can easily fold this bath tub and put it in your suitcase or your car when travelling. This means, with this baby bath, you won’t have to worry about bathing your baby while away from home. It will protect your baby from the unhygienic sink baths in hotels and motels. The fold-away bath is also easy to store in your home as it doesn’t take up much space.

Inflatable tub – You need to inflate the infant tub before using it. After inflating the tub, you can keep the air in and continue using it. The tub can hold this air for years. This air is important because it provides cushion to the infant.

Large size – Newborn-to-Toddler Fold away baby bath is large enough to accommodate your baby. It provides so much room for water and toys. This makes bathing the baby fun and enjoyable. The large size also means that you can bathe your baby until he/she is several months old.

One side cab be lifted – One of the great features of this product is that it can be lifted on one side for a nice recline. This makes it easy to bathe a newborn. You can adjust the tub to hold their head and then unbutton the reclining side after the bath to allow the baby to sit comfortably.


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Turning Your Hobby Into A Part-Time Business

Hobbies are our outlet and a way to pass the time doing something we enjoy. Most people only dream about turning what they love to do into something that can generate a little cash flow on the side. There are many ways to turn an interesting hobby into an extra stream of income, following a few of these steps can help get you on the way to financial success.

You will have to start somewhere and making the decision to put time and money into something that could very well flop is a big one. This may be one of the biggest decisions you’ve made up until this point. Tread lightly but tread with confidence and the understanding of your craft. If you feel it in your heart and the dream is attainable there shouldn’t be any reason why a part-time business stemmed from your craft can’t be successful.

Once the big decision is made it’s now time to start planning. A well thought out plan is crucial to any business’s path to success. Constructing a solid business plan can be daunting but a careful thought out plan is exactly what your future business needs to compete in our technologically connected world. Some business owners even say that a business without a plan is no business at all.

A very important step that is easily overlooked by some is that of the planning stage. Well, it’s not so much of a stage as it is an extremely important practice that every, even semi-successful business, takes part in. Planning for future expenses or materials that need to be purchased is a way to stay ahead of future issues that can arise. Planning out day to day and week to week as to where you want your business to be is very important and will allow you to forecast the future financial and general needs of your business affairs.

This is just a broad overview of the many different avenues to pursue while starting up a part-time business built from your favorite hobby. Staying aware of the market and your competitors can give you an edge that the other guys aren’t pursuing. Stay true to your dreams of doing what you love for an income and it could very well enhance your life and your financial well-being.

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Rosewill Electric 4.0 Liter Water Boiler and Warmer Dispenser R-HAP-01

Rosewill Electric 4.0 Liter Water Boiler and Warmer Dispenser R-HAP-01

The Rosewill R-HAP-01 Electric 4 Liter Auto Feed Hot Water Boiler and Warmer Dispenser is the perfect way to deliver piping hot water for your coffee, tea or instant noodles. This Rosewill brand water boiler and warmer has four different settings. The first setting is designed for making the perfect cup of tea at 98C (208F). The second setting was made for those who are coffee lovers and reaches a temperature of 80c (175f). The third setting is great for making milk from powder and at only 60c (140F) you will never burn the milk. The fourth and final setting is the warming mode which will give you slightly warm water. This is the perfect setting for those who don’t like their drinks too hot.

This 4 liter auto water heater utilizes micro-computerized temperature-control technology for user’s comfort and safety. Keeping your unit clean won’t be a problem with the Rosewill water boiler because an auto cleaning feature comes standard with every model. This will keep your water tasting fresh and your machine will always be clean when you need to use it.

This durable hot water dispenser is made from stainless steel and will never rust so you will get years of use from it. If you are looking for a great way to have hot water while camping this unit would be the perfect addition to your RV. At only 8.5 x 11.4 x 14.6 inches and weighing 4.6 pounds, this water boiler is easy to carry and will fit nicely on any countertop without taking up too much space. A rotating base will allow you to easily turn your unit to any position making the Rosewill R-HAP-01 very convenient.

So if you are looking for a way to save time, this water boiler will provide you with an instant steaming cup of hot water for your coffee, tea, and even instant noodles. With this machine you will never have to wait for your microwave, instead you will always have hot and ready water on demand.

You can find this water boiler on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

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Show your Canadian Pride with a .ca domain

The .CA domain is instantly recognized around the world as truly Canadian, and you can get your very own website and email with the .CA domain. Pretty cool eh?

Click here to shop Sales and Deals

More and more people are creating their own websites. Blogging is gaining in popularity, not only as a way to promote one’s business, but also as a way to share thoughts and events with friends & family. Thanks to it is super easy to secure your own unique domain name, and now you can make it truly Canadian and save.

Choosing and setting up your domain with is easy,

  1. Check the availability of your .CA domain name by typing the name you want into the domain search box above.
  2. Select a domain name from the available options.
  3. Specify your preferred language, registrant name, and legal type. Read and accept the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) agreement.
  4. Complete your registration.**

Use the coupon code and get your .CA domain at a low low price. For a limited time you get a higher Cash Back Rebate from Great Canadian Rebates! New customers will get 27% Cash Back Rebate, and returning customers will get 10% Cash Back Rebate, but only until October 31st.

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Bar10der 10-in-1 Bar Tool Gadget

Bar10der 10-in-1 Bar Tool Gadget

The Bar10der, 10 in 1 Bar Tools has made an impact in the market by becoming the first and only bar tending gadget to allow consumers to mix up their favorite cocktails and mocktails at home, at their own timely convenience. It comes equipped with 10 of the most important tools for mixing, creating and serving tasty and creatively mixed drinks. It is made by Bar10der, so you can expect to receive a quality produce at a reasonable price.

The Bar10der, 10 in 1 Bar Tools includes a:
• Muddler – crusher
• Knife – slicer
• Reamer – extractor
• Stirrer – blender
• Channel Knife – creator
• Strainer – separator
• Jigger – measurer
• Corkscrew – uncorks
• Zester – shred remover
• Bottle opener – top popper

Such tools are respectively made with high graded stainless steel, BPA plastic and rubber handles. This tool comes in a variety of likable colors such as: Purple, Blue, Green and Orange. This product is a top seller, loved by consumers, who have had some really positive things to say about it.

Pros and Cons of The Bar10der, 10 in 1 Bar Tools


• Attractive Design

• Durable

• Fun

• Simple


• Just a few features


The Bar10der, 10 in Bar Tool is a 4.5 Star rated product that can be found on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we have to offer.

The Bar10der, 10 in 1 Bar Tool is the perfect gadget for consumers who do not have a cavernous home bar, but still want to create perfect tasting drinks for themselves, their friends and their family. A valuable and durable gadget that lasts and delivers successful bartender results.

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FouFou Dog™ Zip’n Go Pet Travel Carrier

FouFou Dog™ Zip'n Go Pet Travel Carrier

The FouFou Dog Zip’n Go Carrier Bag, is a portable and lightweight, airline approved, top rated carrier bag that carries dogs up to 6-kg in size and is liked by many consumers . Currently a 4 star rating product that has been positively reviewed by satisfied consumers, all over the U.S. If you own a pet dog at 6-kg or less in size, this is a great dog carrier bag to consider when in the market to purchase one.

The FouFou Dog Zip’n Go Carrier Bag, is a really well designed bag that ensures the safety and comfort of your pet dog. It includes a safety clasp, which safely secures your dog, a durable carrier handle, a shoulder strap, just in case you prefer to carry your pet with your shoulder, and ventilation – to ensure your pet dog has a sufficient fresh air supply. This bag can also be used for cats, kittens, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.
Below are the benefits of using the FouFou Dog Zip’n Go Carrier Bag.


• Hand Washable and Machine Washable

• Airline Approved

• Portable

• Lightweight

• Folds flat for easy storage

• Safe for your pet

The FouFou Dog Zip’n Go Carrier Bag is a recommended product, below are the pros and cons of this product.


• Lightweight

• Durable

• Washes easily

• Pet can get inside various ways

Cons: N/A

Purchasing the FouFou Dog Zip’n Go Carrier Bag, can ensure that your pet of 6-kg or less is safe, well ventilated and comfortable when traveling with you. Sized appropriately for acceptance by airlines for travel and designed to keep your pet secure without risks of escaping or even falling out. Visit Great Canadian Rebates today to purchase it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that are offered.

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Save spare change all year to purchase holiday gifts

Many people struggle to pay for their holiday gifts, especially people with a lot of friends and relatives. It’s not uncommon for people to fail to save enough money in time and go into more debt in order to meet all of their holiday gift-giving obligations. However, careful planning year round can help prevent situations like this from happening.

The change that people accumulate over the course of a day can add up very quickly. People end up with some change after almost every shopping trip. Taking that change and using it to build up a fund for holiday gifts can really pay off over the course of several months. Change funds like these start off small, but saving change year round can produce great results.

The change that people gather every day or so often gets lost around the house. People can end up losing relatively large amounts of money over the course of the year simply because they weren’t being careful enough with their change on a regular basis. Starting a gift fund encourages people to keep track of their change and put it to good use.

Many people are hesitant to cut back on their spending, no matter how much they may want to set money aside for gifts. Sometimes, however, saving money is just a matter of truly monitoring one’s earnings and using them more efficiently. Setting aside money in a change jar is effortless compared to looking over one’s household budget and trying to cut back, seeing as how making sacrifices for the sake of saving money is always unpleasant. Setting aside change for the sake of a holiday gift fund can quickly become a habit for conscientious people. Before they know it, they will have enough money at the right time, and all they had to do was slightly alter their normal routines.

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Save Money by Putting Together a Family Meal Plan

When money is short, one thing that can’t be neglected is food. Even when you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on any extras, you still need to eat and you still need to feed your family. It might seem like there isn’t really any way to save money when it comes to eating and keeping your family fed, but there are ways that you can do that without going hungry. One option for saving money when it comes to food is to come up with a family meal plan and to stick with that plan.

How does a family meal plan work?

First of all, you need to have a budget. You need to know just how much money you can afford to spend on food per week.
In order to develop a family meal plan that will save you money, the best idea is to have sales flyers from local stores handy at the time of development. Looking through these flyers, you will be able to come up with ideas of the kinds of meals that you can make for the amount of money that you will be able to spend.

Once you have your budget in mind and a general idea of the prices of the foods that you will want, then you will write down a meal that you will be making for each day that you plan to cook. You will also come up with a shopping list at this point, saving you time when it comes to shopping.

How does a family meal plan save you money?

When you stick with the plan that you have developed – one that follows your budget – you won’t be buying extra food that will just sit in your pantry or your refrigerator and go to waste. You will also know in advance what you are making each day, so you will not be tempted to eat out or buy something else. Finally, you will spend only what you have budgeted for food and you will still have enough ingredients to eat every day.

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Badoogi Foldable Heavy Duty and Compact Storage Drying Rack System

Badoogi Foldable Heavy Duty and Compact Storage Drying Rack System

The Badoogi Foldable Heavy Duty and Compact Storage Drying Rack System is the perfect way to get your laundry room in order. This premium size drying and storage rack is made of durable stainless steel but is still very light weight. At only 8.6 pounds and 24.8 x 34.6 x 57.9 inches this drying rack system is easy to store when not in use. This rack is foldable and can fit in tight spaces without a problem. In fact, once your clothes have been removed it will fold entirely flat so it will fit under a bed or in a small closet.

This storage and drying system comes with six adjustable shelves which will give you plenty of room for drying your clothes. And 24 stainless steel hanging rods also comes standard, which will give you even more room for your clothing. This will give you ample room to dry multiply loads of clothes and even your shoes at the same time with great ease.

To make this drying rack system very sturdy and easy to move around, it has eight caster wheels on the bottom. You will never have to worry about tipping this rack over and it is very safe. If you are looking for a place to dry your shoes this unit has double base bars for your shoes to hang on.

So if you are looking for the perfect way to dry your clothing without getting them wrinkled, the Badoogi Foldable Heavy Duty and Compact Storage Drying Rack System can handle the job. You can find it on the Great Canadian Rebates website. Click here to get it and to take advantage of the cash back rebates that we offer.

If you are limited on space this is the perfect way to dry your clothing without them getting in the way. Additionally, this rack will help save you money by not having to run your electric dryer. This drying rack is perfect for those who are trying to be more eco-friendly.


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