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NOTE : Details describe the 23andMe® Personal Genome Service DNA collection kits and related services available in Canada. Customers in Canada have access to health-related reports including genetic risk factors for various health conditions, drug response, trait reports and inherited conditions. Health-related reports are not available in the United States.”

23andMe is a multinational company where people can learn about their ancestries. More specifically, it does so by analysing people’s DNA. The company was founded with the purpose of “empowering individuals and developing new ways of accelerating research.” It is, in fact, the biggest DNA ancestry service anywhere in the world, selling kits that can be used for numerous purposes.

One important thing that people can do at 23andMe is to find out about one’s actual and potential health. The view of research held by the people who work for the company is a very broad one that involves examining all forms of disease, from allergies and migraines to Parkinson’s disease, cancer and everything else in between.

What really distinguishes the research conducted and 23andMe from that of all similar organizations is the scale on which it is conducted. Their scientists have been able to collect data regarding thousands of conditions, many of them obscure ones, on a continuing basis. At any given time, 23andMe may be studying hundreds of thousands of conditions. Because it is relatively easy for participants to contribute to research, studying a wide range of conditions is possible for them, and they have an opportunity to look at things the government cannot cover.

Kits are available for sale, and buyers must register theirs at the 23andMe website before they can use them. The genetic kit for ancestry, for instance, is a saliva kit that contains a tube into which the customer puts saliva and ships it back to 23andMe for testing.

23andMe is a multinational business entity. Its website has separate pages for Canada, the United States, Great Britain and the countries of the European Union. Canadians come from many different parts of the world, and a 23andMe kit is the best way to prove for certain that one really comes from a line of prominent scientists, politicians or the like. These kits are easy to use!


* Conditions :  
Purchases from 23andMe Canada only
$6.50 Cash Back Rebate on Health & Ancestry Service
$3.25 Cash Back Rebate on Ancestry Service

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