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Cash Back Rebate: 3.3%
Note : You must click to merchant before adding to cart or wishlist
Note : No cash back on gift cards unless specified below

Free Shipping:   Available on minimum order of $25.00. Exceptions apply.

Conditions :  
Cash back is not offered on pre-orders, services and old promotions.

WARNING : Canada Post reserves the right to reconcile or adjust the value on any transaction that is attributed to another marketing channel. This means a cash back may be posted to your GCR account and reversed later if Canada Post itself determines they should have been credited for finding the customer.

NOTE : Canada Post will not tell us the reason a cash back will be reversed. They are the only retailer to reverse transactions without an explanation. Please refer all questions to Canada Post.

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As the premier postage service in the country, Canada Post is used by millions of people. Canada Post was established in 1981 as a crown corporation. Owned by the government, Canada Post has operated as an independent authority and has been offering physical and electronic postal services to people across Canada. It is Canada’s premier delivery service run on a public-private partnership.

Canada Post provides coupons for their shoppers. Make sure to check back often to see their latest coupon offers and to take advantage of the savings.

Canada Post has been quite a success thanks to the unique approach it takes towards delivery. Despite being a government owned corporation, it follows an efficient business model -- much like that of a competitive corporate. Their special online integration has made Canada Post the go-to destination for Canadians wanting to use physical mail.

Aside from mail delivery, Canada Post also carries a variety of products, such as collectible stamps, coins, art and stationary.

The services offered by Canada post include mail forwarding, mail holding, community mailboxes and flex delivery services. The mail forwarding package is a cheap option for those that are moving homes. Canada Post not only delivers your mail to your new mail address, but it also informs the senders of your change in address with the same degree of efficiency. Mail holding allows you to hold your mail in case you are currently globetrotting -- ensuring that all your mail is in one safe place. Community mailboxes are a new approach and are designed to reduce the load on the delivery services.

Canada Post also has corporate plans designed to help companies that are looking for a relatively inexpensive, yet secure way of delivering their products to the customers. Their plans include e-commerce delivery, marketing tie-ups, enterprise solutions as well as document management.

Canada Post has been an exceptional player in the Canadian mailing market and will continue to do so. They offer a robust website that covers all details in depth for customers that want to avail of their services.


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