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Pingo - Phone Cards
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Pingo - Phone Cards Online Coupon Codes 2020 & Cash Back Rebates

Cash Back Rebate:  $5.00
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Pingo - Phone Cards
Pingo. Quality Service. Lowest Rates!

It is no secret that long distance and international phone calls can be costly, especially if a person does not have coverage included in their monthly phone service. Pingo is a popular calling card service that provides the convenience of family, friends, and loved ones to communicate with one another internationally.

Pingo - Phone Cards allows people to call to and from countries like Algeria, Canada, China, Germany, Bahamas, Australia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Libya, Greece, and Martinique. Calling with Pingo is very simple. All you do is dial the number of the person you are trying to call and follow the prompts. Within a minute or two you should be connected.

Pingo - Phone Cards has card rates ranging from five dollars to one hundred dollars with minutes ranging from fifty-six minutes to twelve hundred and fifty minutes. You can also make calls from your computer using Pingo soft phone. With pinpass, you can register your mobile phone and make calls directly from your phone.

Pingo's network is secure so you do not have to worry about any fraud or interference on your calls or someone trying to use your information to make international calls on your card. Their network is one hundred percent guaranteed with clear connections.


Conditions :  
Cash Back Rebate is earned on new account/purchases only. Top-ups and refills do not qualify for Cash Back Rebate.

Shipping From :   Canada
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