I know what you’re thinking, it’s 2020, who’s getting dressed in anything but sweat pants? I’m here to tell you, sweat pants are so early 2020. These days, we’re looking for elevated comfort pieces, zoom call ready. Read on for the latest trending women’s wear for winter 2020 and as always, wear to find them with a link to cash back.

Knit sweaters with details

These details can range from a beautiful puff sleeve to statement collars. we’re looking for a sweater that’s warm and cozy and yet still appropriate for the “office”.

Shop Banana RepublicSquare Neck Puff Sleeve Sweater

Midi Dresses

Comfort and style come together in the ever versatile Midi Dress, available in a range of fabrics and styles you can’t go wrong. We tend to like ones that are a soft knit fabric and a vibrant colour, dress it up with interesting jewelry or keep it casual with sneakers or boots.

Shop BooHooRaspberry Turtleneck Midi Dress

Chelsea Boots

The classic Chelsea boot is the shoe option we’re wearing on repeat all winter long. There’s plenty of Chelsea Boot options to choose from, we’ve included 2 options below.

Shop DSW ShoesTaxi Boot

Shop Hudsons BayUGG Hazel Boots

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