Amazon`s New Year New You Promotion

    Another New Year is here! It`s time to make those resolutions and stick with them. If you`re vowing to workout more, eat healthier or just to take better care of yourself, Amazon has you covered. You can find whatever you may need to assist you in your goals or new lifestyle.

    Check out some of the products that can help you below. Click here to see the deals.

    Apparel – Under Armour, Adidas and Champion are just a few of the companies that Amazon carries. You can buy clothing to wear for before, during and after your workouts.

    Protein supplements – Maybe one of your resolutions was to eat better or smarter. You can find lots of suggestions here to help make that happen. You can start your day out with a protein shake, or have one after an intense workout. There are also protein bars available. These make great snacks for between meals or as a meal replacement. They are easy to throw into your backpack for hikes too!

    Vitamins and Minerals – You may already be trying to eat a balanced diet, but you could probably still use some extra vitamins and minerals in your daily intake. At this time of year Canadians need a little extra Vitamin D because of the lack of sun. You can find it here. Also, probiotics are a good idea. They can help keep you with digestion and keep you healthy during flu season.