The spring and summer seasons are the most fun of the year, however, they bring with them a problem: pollen. Allergic people suffer a lot during this period of time or when there is a lot of humidity. To solve this there are Dyson air purifiers, created with the latest technology to eliminate most of the allergens and pollutants that may be present in the home. Even in times of coronavirus, these devices are ideal for keeping your home in a clean and virus-free environment. Click here to start shopping.
Dyson Pure Hot+Cool™ HEPA Air Purifier in White / Before $799.99 Now $699.99!
Create a perfect breathing environment and protect the whole family with HEPA Dyson Pure Hot + Cool. Eliminate unpleasant odors and enjoy additional heating or cooling features year-round. Its intelligent system shows on its LCD screen when there is a threat and removes up to 99.97% of contaminants in real time. Like all the products on this list, it comes with a 2-year warranty.
Dyson Pure Cool™ HEPA Air Purifier and Fan Tower in White / Before $699.99 Now $599.99!
Designed for large rooms up to 1000 square feet, the Dyson Pure Cool ™ HEPA Air Purifier detects and reports air quality levels in real time through its LED display. Its activated carbon filters capture more than 99% of allergens, even the smallest. It also features 350 ° swing, ideal for spreading purified air throughout the room, airflow control, thermostat, and auto shutoff functions.
Dyson Pure Cool™ Desk HEPA Air Purifier and Fan in White / Before $599.99$499.99!
Very easy to use, quiet and at the same time very powerful, this is the Dyson Pure Cool Desktop Air Purifier. With Air Multiplier technology it offers a nice air flow that allows you to always keep your room clean and fresh. Like the other models, it detects, reports and eliminates more than 99% of allergens. It is designed for small spaces up to 240 square feet.
Dyson Pure Cool Me™ Air Purifier / Now $399.99!
With a compact size, the Dyson Pure Cool Me ™ Air Purifier is created for a more personal purifying experience. You can place it on your bedside table and the slight sound it emits is so pleasant and relaxing that it will help you sleep better. Despite its small size, it guarantees the same percentage of pollutant removal as larger models. It comes with an adjustable timer and 10 speed settings.