Who doesn’t love delicious grilled food? Enjoy your favorite meats or vegetables, without guilt, and take advantage of the discounts that Walmart has for you. As the weather warms up, our appetite and desire for a good barbecue also increases, which is why we have made a rigorous selection of the best 4 grills available at Walmart! These appliances will give you versatility, save you time in the kitchen and also help you cook with little oil, while obtaining a wonderful and full of flavor result! Choose your favorite now and celebrate spring and summer with your family! Click here to start shopping.
Ninja® Foodi™ 4-in-1 Indoor Grill / Before $219.98 Now $199.98!
Enjoy your food with the marks and flavor of a real grill, but without smoke, and all from the comfort of your kitchen! The Ninja Grill also has the Air Frier function, so you can eat your food as if it were fried, but without a drop of oil. It is super easy to use and clean, since it is suitable to put it in the dishwasher. Definitely everyone at home will love it!
Gotham Steel Smokeless Electric Grill with Non-Stick Surface / Now $64.98!
Forget dealing with pans where food sticks and you have to scrape! Thanks to the combination of titanium and ceramic, this electric grill provides a slippery surface where food is cooked to perfection and never sticks. It is very easy to use and store, it comes with 4 heat settings and you can take it apart for easy cleaning. Last but not least, its design avoids the production of smoke, making it ideal for indoor cooking!
Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill / Now $599!
If you have little space at home, this grill is perfect for you. Its compact design is designed for small families who want to enjoy a delicious barbecue from their patio or balcony. It is very simple to assemble and reaches the desired temperature quickly. It is made with excellent quality materials that guarantee great resistance and maximum durability.
Power Smokeless Grill Indoor Electric Grill / Now $149.98!
Cook your pancakes for breakfast, steak for lunch or salmon for dinner quickly and without complications with this electric grill. Achieve a consistent, uniform temperature up to 450 ° F in minutes. Its Airflow technology filters out any annoying smoke so you can use it inside the house without any problem. Plus, it comes with interchangeable plates to switch from grill to griddle in seconds.