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Frequently Asked Questions


No, registering with Great Canadian Rebates is absolutely free.

You have three options for how you choose to be paid :
  1. Each month we will issue a new Gift Certificate* by email for the balance of your account. Minimum balance to be paid out is $3 excluding sign up bonus.

  2. Each month we will send a payment to your PayPal account for the balance of your account. Minimum balance to be paid out is $5 excluding sign up bonus.

  3. Upon request your Cash Back Rebates are mailed to the address on file by cheque. Please request a cheque here.

Cash back rebate payments are made on a business day nearest to the 15th of the month. Cheque payments are paid out the next month after you requested a cheque. For example, if you requested a cheque in July then it will be mailed on August 15th.

Yes, please log in and then click on "Settings" and then click on "Payment Methods" to change how your Cash Back Rebate is sent.

No, however, if they do not match then you must add the GreatCanadianRebates email address to your PayPal account so you can receive the payment.

You can add multiple email addresses to your PayPal account.

Login to your PayPal account. Under your PROFILE tab you can add additional email addresses to your account. Add your GreatCanadianRebates email address. You are allowed up to 8 email address within your PayPal account.

    � Get "TOPPED UP". We will top up your balance to the next whole dollar. Example : balance is $3.27 your Amazon Gift Certificate* will be $4.

    � Each month we will issue a new Gift Certificate* by email for the balance of your account if your balance is over $3.

    � Use your Gift Certificate* and get another cash back rebate

    � Use your cash back rebates instantly when paid out

    � No lost mail which is possible with cheques

    � No PayPal problems

    � Gift Certificates* never expire and can be redeemed towards millions of items at Use your Gift Certificate* to shop from a huge selection of Books, Electronics, Music, Movies, Software, Home & Garden, and more.

    � Gift Certificates* can only be used at

    � Once redeemed into an account, the funds cannot be transferred to another account.

It's always FREE to send and receive payments using a PayPal Personal account.

Practically every purchase made through Great Canadian Rebates will qualify for a Cash Back Rebate. However, shipping and handling fees, taxes or any part of your purchase that is paid with coupons, gift cards or store credit will not qualify. Please see the More Info section on each Merchant to review which items that will not qualify for a Cash Back Rebate.

Most Cash Back Rebates will be added to your Great Canadian Rebate account within 72 hours; however, a lot of merchants report a day after an item leaves the warehouse. Most travel websites report a reservation within a few days but report the completion after they get paid. That may be anywhere from a few days to 3 months.

If your Cash Back Rebate doesn't post within 7 days please use the Report Problems link to submit a missing cash back rebate inquiry. There is a 6 month limit to submit an inquiry. It is imposed by the merchants and the affiliate networks they belong to.

Amazon Gift Certificates* are sent monthly if your account balance is $3.00. That includes rebates and referral bonuses. Signup Bonuses DO NOT COUNT towards the $3.00 minimum. If your current balance is below the minimum amount we'll carry over your Cash Back Rebate to the next month.

PayPal payments are sent monthly if your account balance is $5.00. That includes rebates and referral bonuses. Signup Bonuses DO NOT COUNT towards the $5.00 minimum. If your current balance is below the minimum amount we'll carry over your Cash Back Rebate to the next month.

CHEQUE payments are sent on a per request basis. The minimum balance required to request a cheque is $30.00. Signup Bonuses COUNT towards the $30.00 minimum. Please request a cheque here. We do this so members can choose when to go to the bank and cash their cheque. A member can let their balance accumulate to a super size cheque if they wish.

There is a minimum 45 day wait to get your rebates because we need that time to track returns for purchases and to collect money from the merchants.

Month Rebate Posted
Into Account
Cash Back Rebate Pay Date
January March 15
February April 15
March May 15
April June 15
May July 15
June August 15
July September 15
August October 15
September November 15
October December 15
November January 15
December February 15
* Note : the above table is approximate. The minimum wait for a payment is 45 days after a transaction.

You will earn a 15% Referral Bonus on all Cash Back Rebates earned by any new Member you refer for five years from the time your referral becomes a member.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to Great Canadian Rebates.

Please note Sign-up Bonuses don′t count for referral payments.

All Referral Bonuses are calculated and paid on a daily basis. All of your Referrals can be seen in the "My Account" page, under the "Account Details" section.

Please Remember

Before making any online purchases, fill an application or make a reservation please be aware of the following to make sure your transactions are recorded properly for rebates :

  • You must be logged in
  • You must have cookies turned on. Most people do. Click Here if you are not sure how to do it.
  • You must turn off 'Ad blockers' (if you have an Ad blocker program) before clicking on our link
  • You must click on the appropriate link from to the merchant before adding to a cart, before a purchase, a reservation or application
  • You must use the online cart, reservation system or application system
  • You must use coupon codes from this site only
  • You must complete the purchase or application after clicking on a link from here.
    Do Not :
  • Do not place orders over the phone.
  • Do not use coupon codes found on other sites
  • Do not leave open a window to the merchant if the click did not come from GCR
  • Do not leave adblockers on
  • Do not visit non merchant sites in-between clicking from here and your transaction. Some websites are sneaky and can change your cookies without you realizing it. You will lose the rebate credit. Be safe and click here immediately before your transaction.
NOTE : If you enter a URL or clicked from an ad, search results, an email or another website that sent you to the merchant site then be sure to go to GCR and click from GCR before you make the purchase. Do not leave multiple windows of the merchant site open where one originated from GCR and another originated from elsewhere. It is best to be safe and close all windows but one then click from GCR.

Your current balance is located in the upper right hand corner of every page on Great Canadian Rebates once you login. By clicking on your balance, you can access a detailed statement of all of your Cash Back Rebates. This detailed list can also be accessed from the "My Account" page.

Many of our members wish to have their Cash Back Rebate balance grow so they can request a super sized cheque. Please request a cheque here.

We are continually working to add new merchants; if your favourite store is not currently included, please email us at and we will do everything possible to meet your request.

All Cash Back Rebates are paid in Canadian Dollars. Purchases made in US funds are converted into Canadian Dollars based on the daily exchange rate.

Some Canadian Merchants report your sale in US funds, we then convert your purchase into Canadian Dollars based on the daily exchange rate.

All merchants listed on Great Canadian Rebates will either have a Canadian, American, Euro or International symbol beside their name to indicate the currency used.

If you are logged in to your email address will appear in the upper right hand corner of every page on If your email address doesn't appear please click on the "Login" option in the upper right hand corner of the page.

If you return your purchase, the corresponding Cash Back Rebate you received will be debited from your account. However, if you only exchange the item purchased for another size or a different colour, the Cash Back Rebate will remain unchanged in your account.

If your purchase is not satisfactory, please contact the individual merchant where the purchase was made. All merchants on have either a "Contact Us" or "Help" option, which contains either a phone number, e-mail or mailing address.

If your purchase has not arrived in the expected timeframe, please contact the individual retailer where the purchase was made. All merchants on Great Canadian Rebates have either a "Contact Us" or "Help" option, which contains either a phone number, e-mail or mailing address.

Great Canadian Rebates was built for Canadians by Canadians, thus we have personally checked to ensure that all of the merchants listed ship to Canada.

Your password can be changed in the "My Account" page, accessible from the link in the upper right hand corner of every page on Great Canadian Rebates. If you have forgotten you password it can be reset on the "Login" page by simply entering your email address.

Please email us at with your home address and any prior Cash Back Rebate earning so we can try to locate your account.

Please email us at from your current email address, include your current email address and the new address in the body of your email.

Please contact our membership department at and request that your account be closed. Any balance remaining in your account at the time of your request will be forfeited.

Absolutely, the safety of your information is of utmost importance. The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypts any information you input before it is sent to our servers or our merchants.

No. Great Canadian Rebates does not sell or give away member information to third parties.

Emails are sent to our current Members regarding specials, current deals and payment notices just before scheduled Cash Back Rebate payments. However, you have the option of unsubscribing from our email lists at any time.

"Cookies" are basic text files that permit a website to recognize a user when they return.

"Cookies" are essential to tracking your transactions by merchants.

"Cookies" will allow you to access your membership benefits without having to log-in to Great Canadian Rebates every time. Our "Cookies" are completely safe and should be enabled automatically with most browsers.

Click Here to learn how to turn them on

We have made every effort to ensure that Great Canadian Rebates will operate on any browser you select. As such Great Canadian Rebates has checked the website through the following validations:

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict Valid CSS!

If you continue having problems please try using Firefox

Get Firefox!

To make certain that you are able to receive messages from Great Canadian Rebates, please take the following steps:

Check your "Junk Folder" or "Spam Folder" to see if any email from Great Canadian Rebates is there. If it is, be sure to mark it as "Not Junk" or "Not Spam" so that messages are not improperly filtered in the future.


Add our email address to your "Address Book" or "Safe Sender" list.

Gift cards are not eligible for a cash back rebate unless it says it is in the conditions section on the GCR page for the retailer. Some retailers do offer a rebate and the rebate rate may be different than the rebate rate for merchandise. In many cases, the retailers do not offer us information on gift cards in advance and their rules on gift cards often changes. If you get a rebate for a gift card from a retailer and it is not stated on our site then please let us know.

We simply upload the reports we receive. We do not change any numbers.

Here is where the difference in amounts may occur :

1. All merchants report the amount after any discounts and excludes taxes, shipping and any fees.

2. A small number of Canadian merchants are on an affiliate network that report only in US dollars. There is a small reduction (2 to 2.5%) because of currency conversion. We try to make up the difference but it may not always be accurate.

3. US and International merchants report in Canadian Dollars because that is how we are paid. There is a small reduction (2 to 2.5%) because of currency conversion.

4. Some merchants such as Canada,, do not have a separate Canadian affiliate program. They are under the US program. They convert to US dollars because they are under the US affiliate program then convert back to Canadian dollars because that is how we are paid. In this case there is further reduction (a second 2 to 2.5%) because of the double conversion.

Here is an example :
You purchased an item for $100 at a US dollar merchant.
You paid : $100
Merchant Reported to us : $96.10
The US dollar to Canadian Dollar on date of transaction : 0.986

Click Here for the exchange rate on a specific date.

The bank charges for currency exchange and the merchant also charges for currency exchange. Added together it comes to approximately 2.5% (0.025) for the conversion.

Total conversion rate is now 0.986 X 0.025 = 0.961

The amount a US dollar merchant reports for the $100 item in Canadian dollars is : $100 x 0.961 = $96.10

Buying from Canadian merchants does not have any currency exchanges and charges. However, some Canadian merchants are on an affiliate network that reports only in US dollars.

Sorry for the calculations but that is the way it works. On the bright side look at it as free money.

* is not a sponsor of this promotion. Gift Certificates (\"GCs\") are redeemable only for eligible products on Return policies for products are available on Except as required by law, GCs cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, redeemed for cash or applied to any other account. To view a GC balance or for more information about your GC, visit \"Your Account\" on or contact us at GCs cannot be used to purchase other GCs. Amazon is not responsible if a GC is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission. For complete terms and conditions, see GCs are issued by, Inc., a Delaware corporation. �, �, �, Inc. and/or its affiliates, 2013. No expiration date or service fees.