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Even though we may be smack dab in the middle of the computer age, some things will never change. That’s why books and magazines are just as popular today as they ever were. People all over the world still read books and magazines as they allow readers to pick them up and read them wherever and whenever they choose. They are a lot easier and more convenient than hauling around an electronic device every time you want to read something.

Books and magazines will always be with us as they are very easy to read at the beach, park bench, backyard, work, and arena, etc. They are also the most convenient thing to read on the bus, train, and airplane.

Canadian Shoppers will find that Great Canadian Rebates offers fantastic deals and savings with some of the world’s top magazines, bookstores, and publishers. This means you can buy and subscribe to some of the top publications on the planet from the comfort of your own home or office.

The list of merchants is very impressive indeed as you can purchase and subscribe to some of your favourite books and magazines from many popular outlets and businesses such as; Chapters.Indigo,, Chatelaine, Doubleday Canada,, Macleans, The Globe and Mail, Today’s Parent, Barnes&, Lonely Planet Travel Guides, National Geographic, MagMall, and

With all of these top merchants and publishing businesses, you’re certain to find your favourite type of reading material. This includes publications on entertainment, sports, history, home repair, fiction, non fiction, travel, adventure, and biographies, etc. Canadian shoppers of all ages will have a field day shopping at these great companies. And what’s more, they’ll also find great deals and savings on reading material at all of these merchants.

When you’re in the mood for some interesting reading material for yourself or to give as a gift, make sure you check out Great Canadian Rebates to see which companies offer the best deals and savings. However, before you visit your favourite bookstore or order online, make sure you check out to see what Cash Back Rebates and discount coupons are available to Canadian shoppers.


If there’s one thing that every country in the world shares a love for, it has to be music. From the thickest jungles of Africa to the frozen fields of Iceland, you will always find music in one form or another. In fact music has been with us since day one.

If you’re like most Canadian shoppers, you love your music, but also want to find the best deals and saving on your favourite songs and artists. There are many ways to enjoy music these days including CDs, DVDs, music clubs, and downloading from the internet. This is why Great Canadian Rebates has joined together with some of the top music related businesses on the planet.

You’re certain to find excellent deals and savings on your favourite tunes from companies such as; Chapters.Indigo, iTunes Canada, Amazon,ca, Apple Store Music, eBay Canada, Columbia House Music,, Barnes and, emusic, and The History Channel.

Shopping online for music has always been very popular with Canadian shoppers as it’s so easy and convenient to do. What better way to shop for your favourite songs than by sitting in your living room and ordering over the internet? After ordering, you just have to sit back and take it easy while your music is delivered to your door. Many companies also offer free shipping. Of course, with some merchants there’s no waiting involved as you can download the songs instantly.

Canadian shoppers will find tons of deals and savings on these music websites and they will be amazed that music clubs such as Columbia House actually offer free music Cds and DVDs.

Whether your favourite music is jazz, rap, soul, rock, R and B, dance, hip hop, classical, or country, Canadian shoppers are bound to be overwhelmed with the choices they have at our featured merchants. They will also be amazed at the savings and deals on offer. However, if you’d like to save even more money on your favourite music, be sure to visit Great Canadian Rebates first to see what Cash Back Rebates and discount coupons are available to online Canadian Shoppers.


A lot of people, especially Canadians, love to be entertained by watching movies. However, it’s getting pretty expensive these days when you factor in the price of the babysitter, parking, popcorn, soda, and the movie itself. That’s why so many film buffs now prefer to watch their DVDs, videos, and movies from the comfort of their own home.

At there are thousands and thousands of DVDs, videos, and movies to choose from by shopping and saving at one of our featured merchants. You should be able to find just about any movie in existence here at one of our associates’ stores or online shopping sites. You’ll also be able to find documentaries, cartoons, concerts, and much more when shopping at one of these popular outlets.

Our merchants include some of the most successful and popular DVD, video, and movie outlets in the world. Canadian shoppers are sure to recognize such well known stores such as; Amazon, Columbia House, eBay, Barnes and Noble, Indigo-Chapters, Zip, and many, many more.

These online shopping malls are easy to use and you’ll find that many of the merchants also offer fantastic deals and savings on other products as well as on DVDs, videos, and movies. Just browse around the sites then pick out your favourite items and add them to the online shopping carts.

You’re sure to find excellent deals and savings when shopping at all of these stores and online outlets and Canadian shoppers can save even more money by becoming a member of Great Canadian Rebates. It’s simple to become a member and you’ll start to save straight away by utilizing the savings deals, promotions, coupons, and Cash Back Rebates that are available.

Just fine the merchant you’d like to shop at and click on the “details” link to see how you can save by becoming a member of Great Canadian

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