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Every family has a story

Genealogy is the study of one’s family tree or roots. Genealogy is much more than uninteresting facts and dates. Our ancestry is made up of people like ourselves who had hard choices to make, troubles, sadness, joy, and laughter.

When one researches one’s family, we find our family tree had branches that experienced and created the history we have only read about. In researching the history of our family, we can uncover some interesting facts, such as groups who left the old country for religious freedom, discovering that Canada was indeed a new start. Any of us could be direct descendants of Charlemagne, the French Capetian kings, or British royalty.

Through research you will learn that a lot of Canadians are descended from European aristocracy because only the eldest son inherited the title and estate. Many second and third sons came to the New World to make their way.

Some Canadians of French extraction from Acadia were sent to the French colony of Louisiana and some French citizens were allowed to keep their language, religion and civil laws with the Quebec Act of 1774. Perhaps there are ancestors who were escaped Acadia and stayed in Canada within your own family tree.

There are some people who are descended from loyalists from the United States and there are people of African descent who managed to escape to Canada and both have descendants living in Canada today. Could some of these people be your forefathers? will help you start to build your family tree, all you need to know is your grandparent’s names, birth date, and place of birth.

It does take time to research the family story, and is committed to helping each family discover their stories. A membership with provides access to over 8 billion records covering more than 3 billion people across Canada, the U.S., the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden.


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