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Monthly treats for your dog

BarkBox could simply be summed up as a "Bone of the month club", which also happens to donate 10% of its profits to charities that help dogs in need. One selects the amount of products they want - falling into their respective category - and they receive a monthly shipment containing several different products, all of which fall into said category; dog presents, in this case. The products that subscribers receive in any given month can range from an assortment of dog treats to new dog toys to dog hygiene products.

BarkBox also provides coupons for their shoppers. Make sure to check back often to see their latest and greatest coupon offers.

While anyone can simply walk into their local pet store and buy sample sizes of nearly every product they see on the shelf, every store is different and carries different inventory. For example, an Ontario PetSmart may carry almost none of the same products that a PetCetera in Western Canada might. Choosing to sign up with a monthly product club such as BarkBox means getting a wider selection than any stores offer while providing a bit of excitement for both dogs and owners when opening that month's package.

Another thing which makes BarkBox unique is that it's bringing subscription-based monthly product clubs to Canadians, something not always easy to come by in the Great White North.

As with any new product, one may be wary tossing their cash in a business' direction and hoping for the best. With good reason. That being the case, here are a few to tips to make the most out of this new service and to help any new or potential customers feel at ease.

- Don't be afraid to start small. When purchasing just about anything online that offers flat shipping rates, many of us have grown accustomed to squeezing as much as we can out of a single order in hopes to make the most out of shipping. But with BarkBox's low shipping rates, starting off with smaller packages is no problem.

- Play around with your subscription a little. After subscribing to their service, BarkBox gives customers the chance to upgrade their subscription to meet their particular needs. There's no need to feel stuck with any given subscription plan.

- Don't order food your dog can't eat. BarkBox offers a special box for dogs with food allergies. There's no need to throw out food you don't need in order to receive the other items. BarkBox is allergy free when it needs to be.

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Sales and Deals

Free Extra Toy Exclusive Offer! Get a Free Extra Toy in every box when you sign up for BarkBox!

Daycare & Dog Walker Exclusive: Free Extra Month at BarkBox

Free Krusty Krab Multi-part Toy with your first BarkBox!

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