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Beyond Body
A revolutionary way to wellness

Beyond Body is the FIRST fully personalized Wellness book in the world (available in 9 different languages). Working with an expert nutritionist or a personal trainer might become too expensive. However, popular diets created for the masses are not sufficient for individuals. We believe that a personalized health and wellness journey shouldn't be reserved only for people who can afford it. It should be available to anyone who needs to become the best version of themselves and feel good in their own skin. Beyond Body offers you a practical guidebook that helps build life-long healthy habits and guarantees sustainable healthy weight loss without breaking the bank.

Reach your healthy weight goal and improve your well-being with the first fully personalized wellness book in the world.

Personalized meal plan based on customer's lifestyle, allergies, health conditions*, and food preferences.
Personalized workout plan based on customer's progress level.
Custom meal plan with thousands of cheap and delicious meal variations that don't require chef skills or fancy ingredients.
In-depth summary of the client's body and health and how it will change after the plan.
Unique focus not only on physical health but also mental health.
Techniques on building lifelong healthy habits, not on short-term weight loss.
This book's center of attention is not only weight loss but overall well-being, taking into account sleeping impact, mindfulness, stress relief techniques, healthy living, and busy work schedule balance.

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Become healthier, Accelerate fat loss, Improve mobility, Reduce joint pain
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A revolutionary way to wellness

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