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There are many different ways Canadians can save money on the cost of air travel. One is to watch the different promotions being offered by competing airlines. You can do that at Some airlines have package promotions where you can also save money on the cost of your accommodations or a rental car, for example. If you can be flexible with your travel dates and times, even better. There are certain days and times (like Tuesdays, Wednesdays, late nights and early mornings) that may be cheaper than comparable flights at other times.

When making your reservations, ask the clerk if the fare is the least expensive option available and if there are possible discounts or current specials. The Internet is a great tool to use when it comes to researching promotions and comparing rates from different airlines for different dates and times. Canadians may also be able to find ticket consolidators online, or even in your local newspaper.

These are businesses who purchase tickets in bulk then sell them individually at a bargain price to help fill seats including those in Canada. For those flying off-season, check on standby rates. Peak season is the wrong time to try for standby because this is the time when many flights are already overbooked. Speaking of booking, the earlier the better. Discounts on advance tickets can be obtained if you reserve 21 days before your flight, however during busy holiday seasons it is recommended you book even earlier. Also, during some holiday times you will be unable to use flier miles if you have them due to blackout periods. Also, sticking with the same airline can help Canadians get connecting flight and/or round trip savings.

When using do-it-yourself travel sites, read the fine print so you’re clear on refunds and exchanges. After doing your own comparison shopping online, inquire with a travel agency to see if they can beat the best price you found. Sometimes an agency is the way to go, sometimes it is cheaper to book your own tickets and accommodations online. For frequent travelers, join a travel club for discounts on tickets and related expenses. With any airline, there may be special discounts for college students, military personnel and senior citizens. Finally, to protect your best interests pay with a major credit card and purchase travel insurance to protect against things like trip cancellation or delay, lost luggage and more depending on your policy.


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