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Anyone looking to invest in new kitchenware will benefit from taking a peek at the company Corelle. They offer a variety of high quality, durable kitchenware. Belonging to the World Kitchen Family of Brands, they have long been a trusted name in the kitchen industry. Offering a variety of kitchen accessories, ranging from everything from cups and plates to decorative china, Corelle is the company to seek out if you need to update your kitchenware.

Corelle provides coupons for their customers. Check here to see their latest offers before making your next purchase and take advantage of the savings.

Everything offered by this premier kitchen company is of top quality. One of their specialties is their wide selection of serving sets that are offered. With virtually every design imaginable, their sets include four mugs, four bowls, four serving plates, and four dessert plates. The designs range from simple, solid colors to intricately painted trees, wildlife, and geometric shapes. Each piece of the set has the design represented somewhat differently, so while there is a certain continuity and unity within the sets, the design is represented in a fresh way, so it does not seem drab or boring.

All of Corelle's top-notch dinnerware is made from Vitrelle glass, which is a glass that has three layers. It was originally designed in the 1940s for use on movies and television shows. Thanks to its lightweight durability and practicality, it has become a common material for kitchen accessories. Corelle has been making their dinnerware from this reliable glass since their founding in the early 1970s.

Everyone can benefit from using kitchenware made by Corelle. The innovative designs can help to liven up any kitchen. Regardless of where you are from, Corelle dinnerware is a name that has been trusted in kitchenware for over 40 years.


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3.25% cashback on Corelle products
2.6% cashback on Pyrex, Chicago Cutlery, Snapware, and Corningware

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