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Cycle Gear is an organization that sells motor cycle parts and accessories to different consumers. The company has a relentless commitment to offering 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which has been its cornerstone to success. The organization is committed to the selection and selling of the world’s best brands through their online stores. The company has invested a lot in order to ensure that the users experience a better ride.

The various brands on offer to all consumers include Shoei, Dainese, Alpinestars, Fox, O’Neal, Bilt, Sedici, Icon, Arai, Street and Steel. The success of the organization is attributed to its huge buying power, therefore having the ability to work closely with world renowned clothing and accessory manufacturers. This has led to the production of items that offer style, protection and functionality to the rider.

The retailer offers great service and selection which allows customers to have a wide choice to pick from. They also provide coupons for their customers. Check here to see their latest coupon offers and take advantage of the savings.


Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the head of the rider when they are riding the motorcycle. There are different types of helmets on offer and they are categorized in order to allow the user to pick which is right for him or her.

For example there are street helmets, cruiser helmets, off-road helmets, touring helmets and women's helmets. Some of the helmets are fitted with technological communication devices that allow them to manage other devices without taking attention away from the road. Bluetooth headsets are fitted into the helmets to allow the rider to pick up calls, cancel calls and even listen to music.

Jackets and pants

To look stylish as a rider, there are jackets and pants on offer from Cycle Gear. The jackets and pants have various logos and images which help to make them attractive. They are designed to protect the rider from harsh weather elements as well as protecting their body in case of falling down.

Gloves and boots

They go together hand in hand with the the jacket and pants. The gloves allow the rider to protect themselves against weather elements as well as have a firm grip on the handle bars. The boots on the other hand help to protect one’s feet from the heat and ground surface.

Tires and other parts

There are various types of tires on offer and they include street tires, cruiser tires, off-road tires, dual sport tires and tire tools. Parts on sale include exhaust systems, braking components, engine parts, fueling systems, batteries and filters among others.


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