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Expedia.ca - Activities

Expedia.ca is a wonderful website if you are taking a trip within Canada or anywhere in the world. Everything you need to plan your trip can be found here, and you can even save some money if you bundle your purchases. Also, there are deals and promotions on their site. Here is an overview of things you can find on the website.

Activities- The Expedia.ca - Activities page saves you a lot of headaches by letting you see the things that you can do in your destination city. You no longer have to do an independent search online and gather the information yourself. For example, if you are going to New York, the website will bring up Broadway shows and other attractions that will be available at the time that you will be visiting.

Flights- Flights are very easy to find on Expedia.ca, as you just enter your departure and destination cities along with the dates. The website automatically finds all of the flights that match your description, and you can then sort them by price, flight length, and many more parameters.

Hotels- What is convenient about the site is that you can book your flight and hotel stay together, and this saves you some money. Booking a hotel is even easier than booking a flight, as you just enter the city and dates. The website presents you with all of the hotels in the area and you can sort the options according to Star Rating, price and location.

As you can see, Expedia.ca can be extremely helpful in planning your next trip. It is no wonder that it has become very popular among traveling Canadians.


Conditions :  

5% cash back for : Things to do booked through expedia.ca

0% cash back for : Bookings made using a coupon code

• Expedia.ca transactions post after the travel been completed and Expedia receives their share of the travel costs.

Rebate Currency Exchange :  NONE

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