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If thereís one website that every Canadian should know about, itís probably Groupon. Whether youíre just looking for the deal of the day or youíre a frequent visitor, this web page has a number of benefits that you simply must check out.

If youíre not familiar with the site, it is essentially a source for great deals and coupons, which in turn could save you hundreds of dollars. Each day, deals on both the local and national level are posted for you to take advantage of. The vast majority of the deals result in incredible savings that you simply cannot pass up. When most people hear the word savings, they assume that it will be a mere 10% off. This definitely isnít the case with this website, and if you want to truly experience an awesome deal, check this site out today.

Even if there arenít any particular deals that immediately stand out to you, itís important to check the site frequently Ė the local deals frequently change, often for the better. Regardless of whether youíre looking to book a hotel or you just want to spend a particularly nice evening with that special someone, this website is for you.

One of the great benefits of using this website is that the expiration date on these coupons are far later than your run-of-the-mill coupons. While you might be excited to purchase the daily deal, it can be very satisfying to know that it wonít expire for at least six months. Some coupons can even last a year or longer. The lengthy amount of time given before expiration also means that you can hoard particularly good coupons. This makes for a great opportunity to buy particularly exceptional coupons and deals in bulk.

Failing to check this website on a daily basis is quite literally results in a wasted opportunity. In fact, many Canadians now make it a daily ritual to visit the website, if only to see what the daily deal is. You will have a myriad of different ways to look at all of the available local deals offered in your region. Many people are under the impression that such large savings are impossible for larger items, but a simple visit to Groupon will reveal that these super-coupons really do exist. The only way to truly find out if any deal of the day is applicable to you is to check it out today.

The truth should be obvious by now Ė people love this website because it saves them money. Itís no wonder that this website has millions of regular visitors. Donít let a single moment pass by until you have a membership to Groupon Ė the benefits are simply too great!

More good news is that Great Canadian Rebate now offers cash back rebates on all your Groupon purchases. If you log in to GCR you will find the latest daily offers on the leftside. Make it a habit of visiting GCR for your one stop place for local daily deals and all other sales across the Internet for more savings.

Cash Back Rebate: Up to 6.0%
Note : You must click to merchant before adding to cart or wishlist
Note : No cash back on gift cards unless specified below

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Conditions :  
6% Cash Back for 'some' special local deals. It is determined by Groupon. Most local deals will be 3% Cash Back.
5% Cash Back for Getaways
3% Cash Back for Goods and national deals
0% Cash Back for Gift Certificates or Gift Cards, Charity, Epic Deals and Promotional items.
3% Cash Back for anything not listed

Cash Back available via only, not services all of Canada except for Quebec. Unfortunately does not own the rights for the province of Quebec. It is owned by Groupon France.

No cash back if sold and fulfilled through third party websites.

Groupon does not offer Free Shipping for merchandise to Canada.

Note : Amounts are converted to US dollars for Groupon accounting then converted back to Canadian dollars when it is reported to us.

Shipping :   Free shipping promotions from outside Canada may not apply to Canadian residents.
Rebate Currency Exchange :  Canadian to US to Canadian   See Why

Sales and Deals
Spring Fling Sale! Up to 80% Off: Spas, Restaurants, Goods and More at Groupon!
Ends : Wednesday Mar 21

$10 for $20 E-Gift Card at Uber at Groupon!
Ends : Friday Mar 23

$5 for $10 E-Gift Card at Barnes and Noble at Groupon!
Ends : Apr 7

Lake Placid, NY : Whiteface Lodge
Ends : Apr 30


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