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LeisurePro is recognized within the diving community as a leader in the scuba gear and snorkeling equipment online supplier industry, and for very good reasons. The clean and efficient website presents the company's products in an informative and substantive way: the "diver emporium" offers instrumental equipment such as regulators and gauges, but also has an amazing selection of secondary equipment including gear bags, scuba wetsuits, cameras, fins and even inflatable boats!

The incredible thing about LeisurePro is not that they supply every possible product that a dive enthusiast could possibly need, but that they maintain a lowest price guarantee on their entire inventory. By refusing to buy exclusively from suppliers, they have the ability to charge lower than the suggested price for particular products -- which obviously has the potential to make a lucky shopper's day. They also provide coupons for their customers. Check here to see their latest coupon offers.

The website has many useful features, including easy access to user comment sections and reviews, but it is the access that LeisurePro gives its frequenters to online dive communities across North America that is its real source of value. Divers across Canada, whether they are a part of the scene on Vancouver Island or over in the waters off of Nova Scotia, can get together with like-minded individuals in tight online communities to talk about equipment, accessories, experiences or anything else that may come to mind. LeisurePro's mission appears to be bigger than the simple sale of scuba masks and T-shirts; they want to cultivate and grow a diverse online community that hosts people from across the world and allows them to speak with other dive enthusiasts.

Canadian divers can also stay connected by joining LeisurePro's email listserv (detailing the latest news, specials and savings) or by purchasing the AQUAviews scuba magazine published by a partner company. The availability of so many pertinent scuba and snorkeling items, along with the promise of maintaining closer ties to the burgeoning North American diving community, are the parts of LeisurePro that have the most value to the average Canadian. From sea to shining sea (even in the Great White North), LeisurePro is the dive enthusiast's best bet for anything they find themselves wanting.


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