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Cash Back Rebate:  4.0%
Note : Click to application page from GCR before filling application

Loans with a guarantor up to $10,000

LendingMate is one of Canada`s newest and fastest growing online lenders looking to solve the problem of computer generated credit scores preventing customers from obtaining credit.

We do not look at any of our borrower`s credit scores. Instead, we ask our customers to nominate a friend or family member who trusts them to make repayments on time to be their Guarantor. Because of this more than 95% of our borrowers get approved.

LendingMate offer loans to people who have little or bad credit scores between $2,000 - $10,000. In order to bypass credit checks we instead ask our customers to nominate a guarantor who will also become part of the loan and promise to make payments if the borrower ever fails to. This demonstrates that someone who knows them trusts they will make payments on time, which is more than a credit score could ever tell you.

Borrowing money from a bank can be very difficult when your computerized credit score has made certain assumptions about how likely you are to pay back a loan, this means that 100’000’s of customers each year are left without options when they are in a tight spot and need credit, because other lenders rely on this data to power their decisions. Thousands of people who experience this end up falling into payday loan cycles with extortionate interest rates.

LendingMate offer an alternative. Our customers can get a loan and we do not look at their credit score at all. Using the guarantor, borrowers can borrow a significant amount of money compare to a payday loan (upto $10,000), over a period of 5 years which means the monthly repayments will always be manageable. On top of this, we have the flexibility of paying back early with no fees to save on interest costs.


• Cash back Rate is based on the amount of the loan.
• Cash Back rebate will be paid upon a completed loan approval.
• Please click from GCR again if session expires.
• Must apply online.
• You must be of age of majority in your province to apply and be a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident.

Rebate Currency Exchange :  NONE


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