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In the 19th century, rose gold was very popular with Russians and other Europeans. This type of gold is now gaining popularity in many different countries. Rose gold is a precise mixture of pure gold or yellow gold with alloys including copper. The copper provides the rose-reddish color. Rose gold is also known as pink gold, and red gold. You can get rose gold up to 22 kt. The amount of copper in the alloy determines the darkness and lightness of the final coloring of the gold. The more copper used, the darker red tint it will have. Rose gold, like other fine jewelry, has a hallmark that distinguishes from lower quality pieces.

Rose gold is a stylish and elegant alternate to yellow gold and white gold. There are many uses of rose gold and ideal for making jewelry. Russian wedding rings combine several shades of gold and rose gold to symbolize unity. Bracelets, cuff links, watches, rings, earrings, necklaces and wedding rings are made of rose gold. Rose gold watches are very fashionable for both men and women made of rose gold.

Rose gold gives the soft elegance to watches and other types of jewelry. Diamonds and emeralds are very engaging when set in rose gold. Rose gold will mix and match with other jewelry beautifully without clashing. The rosy glow of the rose gold flatters skin tones. Rose gold tone blends well with many gem colors, and adds a fashionable touch to any design.

Musical instruments are also made of rose gold. The flute is a fine and elegant example. Flute makers use a range from 14kt up to 19kt to make these beautiful instruments. They glow with elegance when made of the tinted gold like rose gold.

There are other types of decorative objects that have been fashioned with rose gold, such as plates and picture frames and wall decorations. Rose gold is also used to make watches and fountain pens. The rose gold helps make these objects more elegant and fashionable.

Rose gold is easy to maintain and keep up and look after. There is easy to use cleaning products that include sprays, wipes, polishes, and polishing cloths to keep your rose gold looking beautiful. You can also keep your gold looking like new by cleaning with a soft polishing cloth on a regular basis. To avoid damage or discoloring of your jewelry, you should keep gold jewelry separate from other jewelry when storing.

Since the year 2000, rose gold has become popular again among high-end jewelers. If you’re somebody who likes to wear a little, or a lot of jewelry make sure you head on over to Limoges Jewelry and enjoy the savings and cash back rebates that are offered from Great Canadian Rebates.


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