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Living DNA
A personal DNA service

Living DNA is an online store specializing in DNA testing services, providing consumers with detailed insights into their ancestry and genetic makeup. The company offers comprehensive testing kits that analyze autosomal DNA, Y-DNA (for paternal lineage), and mtDNA (for maternal lineage), delivering results with a high level of specificity. Living DNA's platform is designed to offer users a deep dive into their heritage, often breaking down genetic information into regional and sub-regional data that can pinpoint ancestry to specific locations within countries.

A key feature of Living DNA is its ability to trace family ancestry over thousands of years, providing a long-term historical perspective. Additionally, the service includes wellness reports that offer insights into genetic traits, health predispositions, and even nutritional and fitness advice based on one’s genetic profile.

Living DNA emphasizes data security and privacy, ensuring that users' genetic information is protected and not shared without explicit consent. Their user-friendly interface makes it easy for individuals to explore their genetic history and understand the implications of their DNA results.

Living DNA also supports educational and scientific research, partnering with academic institutions to contribute to the broader understanding of human genetics. Their commitment to accuracy, privacy, and comprehensive data sets has positioned them as a reputable and innovative player in the genetic testing market.


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