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A wide variety of technological products of the kinds that can make people’s lives both easier and more pleasant are sold at Olympus. These include:

• cameras and lenses

• voice recorders

• binoculars — Some of these are waterproof, and they also have compact and outdoor pairs.

• accessories for cameras and recorders

Many individual products are sold here under each of the above categories. Voice recorders, for instance, can be used for different purposes — to record music, take professional dictation or perform transcription — and there are also digital voice recorders. Olympus has them all.

Olympus provides coupons for their shoppers. Check back often to see their latest coupon offers and to take advantage of the savings.

Olympus is not just a place to buy useful things; it is also a place to learn how to use them. They provide many valuable tips on usage, those appearing on their site at any given time being tailored to the particular time of year. Right now, for instance, we are in the middle of spring, so their site is featuring two pages on tips for capturing that season, another on garden photography and still another on how to take great outdoor flower shots.

Video tutorials are also provided. As of now, there are eight of them, and they teach the viewer such things as garden and nocturnal photography, using PENPAL (there are three of these) and “a day in the life of your child.” The range of things taught at Olympus is almost endless.

Olympus has a separate page for each of the many countries in which it operates, including Canada (with there being, of course, an English-language page and a French-language page). The numerous cameras, lenses and accessories enable Canadians to take pictures of their vast and beautiful land, with its sparkling lakes and rivers, rocky coastline, rugged mountains and green forests, and there are also plenty of birds to watch with binoculars.


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