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PolicyMe is a Canadian digital insurance solution built to make financial protection for families simple and affordable.

PolicyMe makes it easy to get a quote and apply for term life insurance and critical illness insurance online in 20 minutes or less. Using technology, they’ve streamlined the traditional insurance process resulting in a fully-underwritten insurance policy that delivers the same quality protection customers deserve but with fewer steps and lower costs. PolicyMe’s policies are issued by Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company, one of Canada’s most reputable life insurance companies.


1. High-value, Low-Cost Products: Using technology, PolicyMe has been able to remove inefficiencies from the traditional insurance process and transfer those saving back to consumers in the form of high-value products at the most affordable rates. Specifically, PolicyMe is able to offer:

 a. The lowest rates in Canada for Term Life Insurance with rates that are roughly 10% - 20% lower than other insurers in Canada
 b. The most comprehensive Critical Illness Insurance in Canada at affordable rates – more conditions covered than any other Canadian insurer, on par if not lower than market rates

2. Simple, quick application & Instant decision: Applying for life insurance and/or critical illness insurance – which traditionally took weeks and involved confusing paperwork and insurance jargon – can now be done in around 15 minutes through an easy-to-understand application. Find out if you’re approved instantly, instead of waiting weeks with most other companies.

3. Easy, straightforward process: Accessible, honest advice: Whether you prefer to speak to a non-commissioned advisor or self-serve via their life insurance calculator, applicants can get timely advice to find the best coverage for their needs.

Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance (CI) provides a payout to you (the policyholder) if you get diagnosed with any of the covered conditions listed in your CI policy but do not pass away. It is meant to cover you and your family for any medical, change-of-lifestyle expenses or lost income if you become ill.

Critical Illness provides coverage for medical emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, or cancer. In the current insurance industry, CI products cover a variety of critical illnesses, depending on the scope of the coverage in those plans. Because these emergencies or illnesses often incur greater-than-average medical costs, these policies pay out cash to help cover those overruns when traditional health insurance may fall short.

While our term life insurance product stands out on price, we sought out to differentiate our Critical Illness Insurance product by value. We’re not the cheapest product in Canada, but we believe we’ve built the most complete product in Canada.

To highlight the key differentiators, Policy Critical Illness Insurance offers:
● The most extensive Critical Illness coverage in Canada
○ PolicyMe Critical Illness Insurance covers 44 critical illnesses — 10-15 more than the average Canadian insurer.

● A simple, quick application
○ You can apply for Critical Illness Insurance as part of your Life Insurance application or as a standalone product - both ways in 20 minutes or less

● Fast financial relief for you and your family
○ There’s no 30-day waiting period after diagnosis to submit a claim for 25 of 44 conditions, including all covered cancers.

Who should get Critical Illness Insurance
● Anyone who doesn’t have emergency savings to withstand a critical illness
● Those with children
● Employed individuals but company group insurance does not cover critical illnesses
● Freelancers

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Get advice, compare quotes and buy life insurance online

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