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Vendor - Airfare
Cash Back Rebate - Airfare Online Deals for 2020 & Cash Back Rebates

Cash Back Rebate: Up to 4.0%*
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Note : Cash back on gift cards only available here. - Airfare Air offers cheap flights and discounted rates on hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises. Priceline allows customers to "name their own price" on these services, which works a bit like bidding at an auction. The customer names the maximum price they are willing to pay for the service, then Priceline attempts to find someone who is willing to sell for that price.

The key to scoring a good deal on a flight, however, is flexibility. The more airlines you're willing to fly with, and the more flexible your travel dates are, the more likely Priceline will be able to find you a flight at your desired price point.

While Priceline formerly only found deals on flights that originated in the United States, this is no longer true. Priceline now offers a full range of flights between airports in Canada, as well as flights originating in or arriving in Canada from airports all over the world. Priceline can also find deals on hotel rooms in Canada.

There was also formerly an issue with Priceline only accepting credit cards with billing addresses in the United States for airfare, but Priceline now accepts Canadian billing addresses for major credit cards as well.


* Conditions :  

4% Cashback on Flight Express Deal
$4.50 Cashback on Retail Flight

Expect the rebate to show up in your account up to 3 weeks after a flight has been completed. Your transaction shows up in reports once Priceline gets its share of the money from the airline.

Rebate Currency Exchange :  US to Canadian   See Why

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