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Digital Photo and Film Scanning Services

Preserving Photo Memories Since 1990! We solved the problem for how to scan your old photos and make digital copies of your pictures for you. It happens to billions of pictures each year – priceless pictures ruined due to natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes and even fading away from the ravages of time. Our photo scanning experts have preserved one billion pictures to help protect a lifetime of family nostalgia to share and archive. ScanMyPhotos is an innovative pioneer for digitizing photos -- scanning your snapshots to make digital copies by scanning old photos to digital to preserve family pictures, images and memories.

What is a digitizing photos / photo scanning service? ScanMyPhotos has preserved one billion pictures to help protect a lifetime of family nostalgia to share and archive for more than three decades.

How to digitize your old photos? Get them scanned. ScanMyPhotos offers the best photo scanning service in the industry with discounted pricing, same-day turnaround options, and instant uploading.

What is a video transfer service? If you have old VHS or 8mm reels that you’d like to digitize, you need to find a service that knows how to transfer these memories in a way that will preserve the integrity of your video tapes and all you to preserve them digitally. Discover’s VHS and film transferring services.

Among the top ScanMyPhotos services include:

Scanning pictures to digital by professionally digitizing photographs with JPEG file resolutions up to 600 dpi Scanning 35mm slides with JPEG file resolutions up to 4,000 dpi Digitizing home movie film, digitized frame by frame Film negatives with JPEG file resolutions up to 4,000 dpi VHS tapes Transfer 8mm and 16mm Film to Digital Format

Let’s get started. It’s super-easy to protect your memories by preserving your collection of photos, negatives, slides, VHS, 8mm/16mm movie film, and more.

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