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Sunglass Hut began as a mall kiosk in 1971 in Miami’s Dadeland Mall. But since then, it has gone on to make its mark in malls across the world. By the year 1986, Sunglass Hut had over 100 stores bringing in more than $25 million in sales. By 1998, Sunglass Hut had captured a huge section of the sunglass market and began their entry into the world of e-commerce. Sunglass Hut hasn’t looked back since -- their innovative marketing and customer centric advancements have made them one of the most loved sunglass stores. Sunglass Hut Canada offers every style, shape, color and brand available in the market to its customers. If you can think of a style and design Sunglass Hut probably has it in store for you.

Sunglass Hut provides coupons for their shoppers. Check here before purchasing your next pair of glasses to see their latest coupon offers and take advantage of the savings.

The Sunglass Hut Canada website has almost every imaginable detail out there for customers who like the idea of shopping online. These innovative ideas and services have made Sunglass Hut a favorite among customers -- in fact, this is more than just innovation -- Sunglass Hut delivers creative masterpieces. The Sunglass Hut website has a face shape section where users can upload an image of their face. Based on an algorithm created by sunglass experts at the company, the website shows you types of sunglasses that suit your face best.

The website also has an interactive guide feature that enables you to choose the perfect shades to match your face in simple steps. There is a virtual try-on feature that enables you to use your webcam to try on your sunglasses, so you know how it fits and looks against your face. These innovative initiatives from Sunglass Hut Canada has propelled them in popularity amongst sunglass enthusiasts and the brand itself holds incredible weight with people looking to buy a new pair of sunglasses.

The collections at Sunglass Hut seem infinite. They are classified by brands as well as frame shape. Sunglass Hut Canada is your one stop shop for buying sunglasses -- whether it is a Dior, Gucci, Prada or a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses.


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