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Turbotax is a software product to do your income tax accurately yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. There are several versions you can purchase which are outlined on the package. Once you have selected and done the quick easy installation you will have all the solutions at your fingertips. Turbotax will let the experienced person move on at their own speed and selections. If you have never done your taxes before it has a step by step format that you can follow. It will ask you the questions and you will answer.

Once you complete each answer it will fill in your income tax which will finally be reviewed for errors at the end. If there are any errors it will take you back to the areas that you will need to answer or correct. Turbotax offers you auditing help and you can call their hotline for information if you need it. The program will calculate your tax needs for the next year if interested and also it will give your audit risk for your income tax versus other individuals with the same income and type that you have completed. Another advantage of Turbotax is that you are able to download your state tax forms as well. When filling out your income tax in transfers the needed information to your state tax to be completed. Now you have completed your taxes and ready to print and save for your records. You have a choice whether you prefer to mail or file your tax for free electronically by following the easy format provided. The state tax can be mailed or sent electronically for a small fee. It is all your choice.

Turbotax has been on the market in Canada for years. Over the years this product has improved and is one of the best products of this type on the market with a proven background and solid reputation. There are similar products, but they do not meet the needs that Turbotax software gives you. It is accurate, easy and a must have for anyone making a decision to do their own taxes. You are going to be amazed at how easy it is to use. Once you use this product you will never pay another person to do your income tax again. It is private and sells for a very reasonable price. Turbotax is the total package! Get a cash back rebate at Great Canadian Rebates buy clicking link above.

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