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Many people may find themselves in a situation where they want to rent a car, but only need it for a few hours. Filling out paperwork and going through the hassle of renting a car may not be attractive to many people, but using a Zipcar is something everyone seems to enjoy.

People who are members of Zipcar can have access to a vehicle right away or are able to reserve one as far in advance as a year. Becoming a member is as easy as going online and filling out an application. Once a person is approved for membership, they receive a Zipcard, which gives them access to Zip Cars.

The idea for the Zip Car company came during a meeting at a café between Robin Chase and Antje Danielson in 2000. They wanted to create a membership based car sharing company modeled after similar Swiss and German companies. The very first Zip Cars to be offered to the public appeared in June of 2000 in the city of Boston, MA.

With a Zipcard a member can use it to unlock the door of the Zip Car and find the keys to the vehicle, which are located inside. Members who have a Smartphone will able to download an application which gives them the ability to honk the horn of their desired Zip Car to locate it, and then also use the application to unlock the vehicle’s doors.

One of the most pleasant benefits members discover about using a Zip Car is they are not required to pay for the gas they use when driving the vehicle. There is a fuel card located inside each vehicle. Members are requested to fill the car up when it has only a quarter tank of gas. It can also be topped off if it is at half a tank, but a gas card makes filling it up very easy. When it comes to car insurance members need not worry. Zip Car also provides the car insurance for the members who use their vehicles.

There isn’t any limitation on where the cars can be driven. If someone wants to see the sights in Canada they would only have to contact the company prior to their trip, because it would require a specific type of insurance card. One way trips are not permitted so the Zip Car used must always be returned to its original location.

Members can look at which cars are available online and reserve a vehicle using the internet, Smartphone or telephone. The car can be ready for use within as little as one hour’s notice, and the member will only be charged for the time they reserve.

Anyone with a hectic schedule who may need to use a car for a few hours or a few days will find that using a Zip Car easily fills their vehicle needs.

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