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At eMeals, hard work and culinary prowess do not have to go hand in hand. With a range of healthy and affordable dinner schedules, grocery plans, and family friendly diet tips, the team behind this premium meal planning service provides support for working parents in need of a little inspiration.

The eMeals service is reliable, friendly, and promises to make mealtimes a more enjoyable experience for parents and children alike. It was established by Jane and Jenny, two modern mothers with hectic lives who love to cook, but do not always have the time to get creative with their weekday dinners.

As an eMeals customer, you have access to hundreds of different meal plans, grocery lists, and dining suggestions. If you sign up for a personalized plan, you will be asked to fill in a survey about the eating habits in your home – this is to make sure that your weekly schedules are a perfect fit.

At the beginning of every week, a seven day meal schedule will arrive in your inbox, along with matching shopping lists and a range of suggestions as to how to make the meals as tasty as possible, with the minimum amount of time and effort. This really is a no cheat option – you have complete control over the culinary process – but it is designed to make it easier to get meals on the table.

Whilst it is not uncommon for modern mothers to struggle with the work/life balance, more often than not it is the quality of food which suffers, not the ability to provide it. It is rare to find parents who are not committed to feeding their children three square meals a day, but there are millions who find it difficult to shop green, budget skilfully, provide natural wholesome ingredients, and keep their children happy at the same time.

The bottom line is that holding down a job and feeding a family can be tough. Fortunately, the eMeals service is on hand to take the work out of cooking tasty meals every night of the week. For mothers who work long hours, it can be a real lifesaver – there is no need to spend hours thinking up innovative or creative recipes, because the eMeals team will take care of it for you.

The eMeals service caters to customers throughout most of Canada, and its team of nutritional experts are happy to design and create weekly food plans which reflect the unique needs of your family. Unlike many other meal planning services, this one is not about taking control of the culinary experience away from parents, but restoring their love for the kitchen and the traditional family dinner.


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