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Most pets are treated lovingly, like members of the family, and rightly so. This means that pet owners always want the best products available for their little animal friends. However you can still take advantage of fantastic deals and savings when buying top notch products for your pets.

Great Canadian Rebates has joined forces with some of the top pet stores and pet suppliers in the business to make sure you get the best products available and the lowest prices possible. Youíre certain to get great service and substance at stores like The Shopping Channel, Hudsonís Bay Company, QuickCare Pet Insurance,, Orvis and Petsmart.

Canadian shoppers can always take advantage of super savings and deals on items such; as pet food, treats, cages, houses, toys, beds, kennels, grooming, health care, bowls, feeders, collars, leashes, tags, litter boxes, perches, ladders, bird baths, aquariums, nets, air pumps and accessories, heating and lighting, etc. It doesnít matter if your pets are cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, birds, mice, hamsters, or rats, thereís always an excellent deal waiting for you at one of our pet merchants.

If you donít mind the traffic and shopping crowds, then you can always head down to one of these retail outlets to pick up your pet supplies. However, if youíd rather shop from the comfort of your own home and have your pet supplies delivered directly to your door, just log onto the merchantís website order your items.

Shopping online is both very easy and convenient. It allows you to shop at any time of the day and night, every day of the year. All you have to do is browse the storeís products and add the items you want to the online shopping cart. When youíre all finished, just go to checkout section to make payment arrangements for your supplies.

The next time youíre going to feed or treat your pet, make sure you check in with one of our partner merchants to explore the deals and savings on offer. Before you start searching though, donít forget to visit Great Canadian Rebates first to see how much more money you can save with the online discount coupons and Cash Back Rebates available to Canadian shoppers.

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